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newborn sugarplum baby diapers & wanna guess the gender *updated*

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we are going for an ultrasound today to find out gender of little *bebe bump*! So... Ive been spending the morning looking at diapers to pass the time LOL. I see that sugarplum baby has custom slots open.... anyone have pics of the newborn or small size on your baby? Did you like them? Most important to me is trim (through the crotch and butt hugging) and absorbant... quick dry would be ideal.

while we are at it.. wanna guess if its ballerina diapers or firetrucks for this baby? ROFL .... something to occupy me
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nak How exciting! I think it's so neat when people want to know the gender of their babe. Personally I am way to impatient not to find out! I'll guess that it's going to be firetrucks for you. Mind you I'm usually wrong!
: Good luck and let us know what you've found out when you get back

d our SPBs! We had both NB and smalls, no pictures of them though, sorry. I
d the fit too. They are somewhat trim through the crotch- not ultra trim, but not bulky either and they fit really well on Josh, no butt sag or belly/wing droop. They both had a snap in QD soaker and were really absorbant for how trim the diaper was. I think they were great NB dipes, especially for the price.
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I got some new on ebay. I'll letcha know in October.
Glad to hear experiences. The mamas recommended them, so when I saw them on auction I

I don't know you well enough to know...
I was right with the girls I work out with. And Lord help me I'd be
: if I got a girl for the boy I'm expecting.

No u/s here. Letcha know in October on that too.
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How exciting! I'll guess ballerinas.
Let us know!
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I'm feeling BOY! I have a 50/50 shot, right?
I didn't use SPB when dd was a nb - but we use the medium quick dry hemp fitteds now and I really really like them. They are trim to the point where I almost cried when I opened them up because I didn't think there was ANY way they would work for my supersoaker.
Good luck! I can't wait to hear about bebe bump!
I have a pic of my dd at 5 days old in her front snapping hemp newborn dipe from Sugar Plum Baby, she is 13 lbs now at almost 3 months and they still fit her, she's on the last set of snaps. I could email it to you if you pm me your email address
I really like them, they're totally cute and very simple. They didn't have the umbilical snap down, but I don't find it necessary, just so long as the diapers aren't pushing up against the cord area, but gently covering it is fine.
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We have one small for DD. I love it. Super trim and nice through the crotch. I really like ours but wish we had gotten a medium.
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I have 2 and I really like them but can't let you know how they work until Nov
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I'm guessing girl, just cause I'm having 2 girls, and you have a girl, so you need another girl, right?

I am so excited to have 2 girls!

Let us knoooow asap!
I rearranged my growthspurts page, so I uploaded some of the pics on there!
BTW, my dd was just abover her birthweight of 8.2 lbs in the pics wearing the SPB.
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and I enjoyed looking at the other pics too! Thanks!
What's the range of spbs?
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Girl! Totally a girl! I remember all that morning sickness you had...

Off to browse SPB...
Thanks everyone!! I'm definately making the baby a bunch of diapers, but it would be nice to have enough to not wash twice a day, ROFl.. so I wouldnt mind buying some too

Jewels - Thanks so much for the pic! And thanks everyone for your replies

Amy - :LOL ... thats funny cause i think boy just because my M/S this time was so much shorter than with kyla, LOL. with kyla I had M/S for like 6 months
: this time just a few weeks... tho things gross me out REALLY easy lately. Last night dh was eating a piece of blueberry cake and the smell of the blueberries was so strong I wanted to vomit
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Oh! Wait! I change my vote to boy then! I didn't know it was worse last time... hmmm... I'm seeing sailboats and froggies now....

Originally Posted by NowOrNever
I say it's another girl!!

Me too!
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