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Newborn with less and less wet dipes

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Should I be worried? I thought I'd ask you experienced moms out there. In the morning my breasts are pretty full and dd cluster nurses and goes to sleep. By afternoon she nurses constantly and there is very little milk, but by evening she is very fussy. My breasts have almost no milk (can only express a couple of drops) and she tugs on my breast, squirms around and switches breasts constantly until the middle of the night. I know intellectually that the more they nurse the more milk you produce. --- But she is down from 8-10 wet & dirty diapers to only 4 sorta wet diapers yesterday and one dirty one. Also in the last 11 hrs I've changed her 2 times, but the dipes were almost dry. There are no crystals in her urine, her soft spot is slightly sunk in, but I think something may not be right with my supply. Any ideas mommas? OBTW I've been on antibiotics since she's been born (pp infection) and I'll be done tomorrow.
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I'd go see a board certified lactation consultant or pediatrician as soon as possible if she's showing signs of dehydration (in the afternoon would be best if you think your milk supply is low at that time). I know that my milk is less in the late afternoon/evening and then it increases overnight. It's also possible that the antibiotic you've been on is decreasing your milk supply. How is your hydration? Are you drinking lots of water and eating well? Have you considered herbal supplementation to increase your milk supply? Please keep me posted about your situation.
I just called a different lc-the first never returned my calls. She said to only nurse for 15-20 min on each side and then swaddle her b/c she is probably just using me as a pacifier. Then I should go and pump to empty my breasts more throughly to get my body to produce more. She said to save the pumped milk to give to her in the evenings after nursing sessions where she is not satisfied. She made it clear to nurse first and then pump in order to up my supply. She said the antibiotics may be causing some problems, but my last dose is tomorrow. She said my dd should eat every 2-3 hrs, but I don't feel right about not feeding her when she seems so hungry kwim? I guess I'll start timing her nursing, but I don't think my heart will let me refuse her for 2 or more hours- I'll try to pacify her for a little while though. I'm really out of my depth here. Any other suggestions would be great. I'm drinking plenty cause I'm always thirsy. I guess my nutrition is ok. I haven't taken any herbal supplementation for milk production - Just tons of probiotics for the infection I had. I've heard of mothers milk tea. Are there any others I should know of? Thanks mamanurse
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I'm sorry, but that LC is full of cr*p. It is common for milk supply to drop in the late afternoon. Is your babe nursing frequently at night? Are you using cloth or disposable diapers? It is very difficult to determine how often babe is peeing in a disposable diaper. I would agree to pump after your nursing sessions, but not to cut her short. I also would strongly discourage trying to keep her from nursing for any length of time. If you spread out the nursing sessions at all, you are signaling a DECREASED need for milk, when you want to signal an INCREASED need. Most breastfed newborns nurse far more frequently than every two to three hours.
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Originally Posted by willow659
She said to only nurse for 15-20 min on each side and then swaddle her b/c she is probably just using me as a pacifier. Then I should go and pump to empty my breasts more throughly to get my body to produce more. She said to save the pumped milk to give to her in the evenings after nursing sessions where she is not satisfied.
This is very, very strange advice. You baby is not using you as a pacifier. Newborns are meant to suck at the boob a lot. It is what your baby is supposed to do to build supply. Pacifiers should not be used by someone with a newborn who is having potenial supply issues!!!! Also, giving bottles in the evenings would not be good for your supply.

Reading your initial post, it sounded to me like a possible latch issue? If baby is sucking at the breast a lot, but not having enough wet diapers, sometimes the problem is that they are not getting the milk out effectively--which can lead to supply issues.

Do you have an LLL group nearby?
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Definitely don't decrease the frequency of nursing or length of nursing sessions. There's nothing wrong with her using you as a "pacifier" if you're ok with that. I'm not very impressed with what the LC said. As far as the mother's milk tea, my understanding is that it just balances out milk levels. I don't think it increases milk supply. I took an herbal supplement in liquid capsule form when I went back to work, because I was having trouble making enough milk pumping. The supplement contained fenugreek and a few other herbals. I agree with the other posts that you should try out a LLL meeting or call the chapter leader and maybe she'll even do a home visit. Good luck and still keep me posted.
I just heard back from the first lc and she thinks the antibiotic may be slowing down my milk supply along with chasing after two other kids. She's concerned about less wet diapers than normal and said that if there aren't at least 6 by tonight then give dh a bottle to feed baby after nursing and for me to get a good nights rest. She thinks my body needs a break to catch up my milk supply. I am sleepy, but not nursing will tell my body to make less milk don't you think?
: OTOH If I'm truly not making enough milk anymore, I don't want make her become dehydrated.I didn't have sore nipples until wk ago and they are getting kinda painful. She does this clicking thing with her tongue that I think caused it. (started before she was 2 wks old) I started taking her off and relatching her when she starts nursing like this. I never thought about how this might affect the amount of milk she would get. She also thinks I should do a weight check with the ped monday. (she doesn't have a scale)
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OMG, what is WITH the LCs in your area???

This sounds like advice on par with the most ignorant DOCTORS I have heard.

No, nurse your baby on demand, as often and as long as she wants.

If there is a clicking sound, I believe the latch is wrong and someone - apparently NOT an LC in your area - should help you correct that latch ASAP.

Good luck!
Oh gosh, I remember that from somewhere -- clicking is definitely a sign of a latch problem. Damn my preggo brain! I'm at work and can't remember the specifics. I think it had something to do with the positioning of the baby's chin relative to the breast, and the baby effectively breaking the seal with her tongue (the clicking sound). I'll try to remember what that was and hope someone else with a better brain posts here soon.
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I googled "breastfeeding clicking sound" and this came up:

It sounds like maybe she's sucking her lower lip in or there's some other positioning issue going on that's preventing her from making a complete, constant seal.

I hope this helps!
first of all, and you will probably never, ever ever hear me say this again, but if she has THAT few wet diapers, and her soft spot is sunken, it might be time to start thinking about giving her something.
I wouldn't give it in a bottle, though. Ideally I'd give it in a syringe at the breast, but if you can't find a syringe, use a cup. I know other people here might jump on me for the suggestion of formula use- and I totally agree that it should be avoided until it's a last resort- but IMO a dehydrated baby needs a last resort.

your body does not need "a break to make more milk". that is the opposite of how milk production works. where are you finding these lc's? you need one that is board certified. I am sorry you've gotten some crappy advice. and while I don't think your boobs need a break, I'm sure YOU do, especially with other kids to look after! is there any way someone can help you out with the kids so you and the baby can rest in bed and do some marathon nursing?
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I've been looking at kellymom and it's great. I tried latching her on the way they showed and no clicking noices and it's definately more comfortable to me. Still not done reading. I do have thrush - due to appx 3 wks of antibiotics. I've been using all purpose nipple ointment which should clear it up as soon as I stop the antibiotics. I've expressed after nursing this afternoon and have less than an ounce. She's had 2 more wet diapers- 1 was pretty wet.
I've tried staying in bed more with her and I hope that helps. If I do end up supplementing tonight
(I hate even typing about it) I'll try my bm first and give it in a syringe.
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Mama! It is so hard to worry about whether or not you are making enough milk for your baby.

I'm sorry that you've had to be on antibiotics for so long, and that you have thrush. The all-purpose-nipple ointment will likely NOT be enough to take care of the thrush. Because your dd is clicking, she probably has thrush too, and you will both need to be treated together. There are several options for treatment (as you can read on the kellymom site); I would recommend trying gentian violet first. You should also be taking large amounts of a high quality acidophilus. Do not wait for the thrush to get worse. The last thing you need right now is incredibly painful nipples/breasts!!

I'm glad to hear that your dd has had some more wet diapers. That's a great sign. It sounds like some rest would do you a lot of good right now. I found that when I napped for an hour in the late afternoon, my supply for the evening was much improved. The amount of milk that you can pump after nursing doesn't really say much about your supply. Some people don't let down for the pump at all. The fact that you were able to express any milk at all is a good sign.

I hope things get better for you guys soon!

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Gosh what is with these LCs????? I can't believe they didn't ask you about the clicking sound. It sounds like you've been able to correct the latch, but you might want to meet with an LLL Leader and have them check it out, just to make sure. Once you resolve the latch issue, lots of nursing should quickly bring your supply back up. Some mothers find that a weekend in bed, with lots of skin contact and nursing will make things 100% better.
I'm glad you've seen some improvement, now UPDATE, please!
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an ounce after nursing is actually really good for most ppl. & yay for more wet diapers! good luck I hope the situation keeps improving.
Willow, I've been worried since I saw your post, and hope things have improved. How's her skin color? I'd keep a careful eye out for bad jaundice. I agree with the previous poster, I'd supplement her just once just to make sure she was ok if I didn't see any improvement within the day. I don't know how else to help, but I really hope you guys can work this out.
Wow. That LC was full of hogwash. Your babe is still very very young, and I don't see how you could "increase" your milk supply by cutting back her nursing to only once every 2 to 3 hours. That doesn't make sense.

Just wanted to chime in and see if everything is getting better? Just make sure you drink lots (and lots) of water. Also are you using disposables? I know when my babe was a few weeks old, it was difficult for me to tell whether or not his diaper was wet. If you squeeze the diaper on the outside, and feel any slimy jel inside of it, that means that the babe HAS peed. (That'es why I dislike disposables, it is difficult to measure their urine output, and you can easily miss a pee because the gel soaks it all the way up till it's almost unoticable.)

ok, fussy babe, gotta go.
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Thanks for all the advice. We've basically stayed in bed together skin to skin most of the day and rested. We've had 6 wet dipes already (since midnight) with 3 poops and my breasts don't feel empty yet and she seems more content.
: I know we're not out of the woods yet, but this is great. I've been latching her on like the website showed and she doesn't make that clicking noise near as often. I can sorta feel her pull the milk out as she nurses now. She hasn't nursed as frequently today but there are more wet dipes today so maybe she is nursing more efficiently? She isn't jaundiced, but the very slight yellow to her eyes has never gone away. I'm going to bring her to the ped first thing in the morning for a weight check. The LLL in Murfreesboro doesn't meet until the last mon of the month though. Do you think it would be weird to call and ask to meet someone soon to check my latch? Thanks for all your help. I really love my little girl and want the best for her.
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