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newborn with sores inside mouth?

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Hi -- DH and I noticed yesterday that our 10-day-old has some little things that look sort of like tiny canker sores inside his bottom lip and inside his cheeks right by the sides of his mouth. I can't find any info about this in any of my books, but I'm thinking they're little friction spots from nursing that will turn into sort of "mouth callouses" -- DH works in a hospital and says it's not thrush.

Anyone have experience with this? Should we be worried?

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Are you sure its not thrush? Because when DD got it, she only had the white spots in tiny patches that resembeled the canker sores I get all the time.
are they lumps??? ds has these things on his gums that look lie little whiteheads...and ped told me they are epstein pearls...completely normal. google it and you'll see pics.
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