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Newborns and airborne allergies

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I was told many years ago that newborns did not have allergic reactions to allergens in the air (and that their sinuses aren't developed enough to get stuffed up). However, my three week old is just about matching me step for step on the sneezes, stuffiness and gunky eyes that afflict allergy sufferers this time of year.

I tried to google but NAK is tough enough and he's on the breast and stuffy and I just am not having luck. Anyone else want to help a momma out? We have a checkup tomorrow anyway, but I'd like to talk rationally/educated with the PA.
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so it doesn't get lost.

really? No one has an opinion or idea of whether or not newborns can have airborne allergies?
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I've never heard of it, and I don't know if it's possible. I hope someone else has a better idea. And sorry your LO is sneezy/cough-y/etc. I hope allergy season passes quickly for both of you.
My asthmatic baby was allergy tested at 9 months old. At that point they only tested for food allergies, and airborne allergies that are year round (e.g. dust mites, indoor mold, cockroaches, I can't remember any others). The allergist said it's incredibly rare for a baby to develop an airborne allergy the very first season they are exposed to something (just like the fact that FF kids don't react to a food the first time they eat it).

For my son this turned out to be true. During his second spring he showed mild signs of seasonal allergies, that became more severe each passing year -- there's no doubt he's got seasonal allergies now, and also, now that I know what they look like in my child, that he didn't have them as an infant.
My doctor said rare before 2 years old. And sure enough, at 2, DD2 started getting regular seasonal allergies.

She could have a cold. Or it could be a dairy intolerance with the congestion.

I wonder if it's possible for her to be reacting to your antigens through your milk? That's an interesting theory...
My DD reacted at under 2 months old, but to an indoor allergen. She also reacted during her first pollen season at 7 months old, with eye issues, even though I know it's not supposed to be possible. The next year, at 19 months, she had an awful, awful time with the pollen. We are embarking on the season again this year.

I think at that young though I would investigate a possible food allergy.
Thanks for the responses.

Probably it was not the usual outdoor airborne allergies, but dh did pull up the last of the carpet in our house, and it was probably the dust from that even though we kept him separated from that part of the house. It's cleared up now (well, still sneezy but the green eye gunk is gone!)
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