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newborns with dry skin question

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This forum has me slightly paranoid, as I may have babies in the future.

My question for you all with newborns and allergy issues: Did the baby have cracked, dry skin when it was born? B/c all my babies had dry, cracked skin on their feet and hands when they were born and I wonder if this is a sign of potential food allergies. Half of my kids don't have food allergies now (they outgrew them), but I wonder if that was a tell-tale sign and I just didn't know.

Interested for the future...
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I wouldn't think that was too much of a sign. All newborns have to adjust to life outside water and it is very dehydrating until they begin to produce their own oils.
Dry skin on a newborn is normal.

One natural remedy for it is to rub IN the vernix caseosa rather than wash it off.

So next baby, dont let your baby be soaped up, rub it in and let the skin adjust without being stripped of its protection.
yep, that's normal. Liam had it much less than D or J, and he has lots more allergies. I think b/c he was born at home. Maybe the waterbirth helped, probably not, but I'm surenot being bathed really helped. Julie mentioned it was normal when he started peeling.
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