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Hi! I'm a Newport RI mama and I love it here!
I have given birth at the birthing center here. I have only had c-sections though, because of complications and prematurity. I do know that the nursing staff at the Hospital here is very supportive
of just about every thing discussec here at MDC. They have had some water births (the first one was afew years ago and it was sort of a surprise). There is a CNM here and although I did not use her, I have several friends that have and they love her. I don't know anything about the homebirth situation here, but I just thought I'd let you know about the hospital situation. There is also a Thursday afternoon breastfeeding group at the hospital. It is run by some of the nurses who are LCs. I went for almost a year with my daughter (now 5yo). The moms support each other and the LCs are there to answer any questions. Also they have a warm line at the hosp.--you can call anytime day or night and talk to someone about your babe. You can also come in and get your babe weighed at anytime if you become conscerned about weight gain etc...
Most of the people here in the community, even if they are not AP or BF mamas, are very non judgemental about raising kids-- I breast fed my daughter for one year and my son for 2 1/2 years and NEVER heard one negative comment. There is also a nice but small healthfood store in town and the library is pretty good too.
Well, this has gotten long, but I hope you have gotten some info from it.
PM me if you want to.
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