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I work in Newport but live about 45 minutes from there.

I know there are at least a few Mothering mamas floating around Rhode Island!!

I am a prenatal yoga teacher and doula and I recently provided labor support for a Navy family (who have also become good friends of mine). There's was a hospital birth at Newport Hospital - very positive, peaceful, natural child birth with a very open-minded Navy MD.

I don't know much about homebirth in far as I can tell it is pretty deep underground. I've been researching it passively for the last several months while we were TTC....and now that I am expecting...I will be researching more intently. I will definitely share anything I learn with you!

As far as LLL....I haven't been involved yet....but I know a couple of people who are and it seems to be a strong presence.

Good luck!! I think you will love's a really fun place!

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