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I finally got an english version of this news. This happened last week here in Finland.

Court rules circumcision of four-year-old boy illegal
Legal status of nonmedical procedure remains murky

Finland's first court ruling on male child circumcision was handed down by a Finnish court on Friday. A Muslim mother faced charges of assault in Tampere District Court for having her four-year-old son circumcised.
The incident was reported to the police by the boy's father, who had not been consulted.
The court found that the mother's action was illegal. However, it did not assign any punishment. The mother defended her action by saying that she thought that circumcisions performed by doctors were legal in Finland.
The case will now go to the Court of Appeals.

The mother said that the procedure is part of the family's religion and cultural heritage. The court found that interferoing with personal inviolability could be allowed only in cases specifically permitted by law.
"There is a perception in Finland that only girls' circumcisions are banned by law. There is no specific legislation about them; both types are illegal under the same criminal law. After all, in both procedures, part of healthy genitalia is removed without medical foundation, or competent consent", says local prosecutor Jouko Nurminen.
Nurminen says that the "misconception" may have arisen in connection with the drafting of the new constitution, at which time only the circumcision of girls was part of the debate.
In its decision, the court notes that not even a long religious tradition justifies protecting the bodily inviolability of boys to a lesser degree than that of girls.


I really do not know if I should be happy about this or not.

2003 the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health suggested that religious circumcisions should be done under social healthcare since there had been couple of bad cases due to homecircs (muslim refugees). Doctors throughout Finland refused to perform it. There are some immigrant doctors who do it privately, I think. The whole issue is just hanging in the air, everybody just hoping it would go away. Legally it is clear - our laws forbid genital cutting for both boys and girls but there is the religious aspect. This case may force the goverment to make an actual law about circumcision. Forbidding it totally would be great but that will never happen, knowing our parliament. Politicians are cowards here too, they would never dare to do it.

The problem is that most politicians do not know what circumcision really is - they think it is a little snip on the end of the foreskin or something like that. Here the practise has been totally unknown until recent years.

I wish Nocirc and other organisations could see this as opportunity to influence our goverment to finally have 1 country where this would be outlawed. When 1 country made the law, we would quickly have snowball effect and IMO Scandinavia is one of the prime candidates where this might happen.

Finnish newspapers do publish english letters to the editors too - we have them often. I don't know any 'big names' in intactivist movement so if those of you who do know could pass this message. I would be more than happy to give contact information to our media.

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Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer
Can you contact members of your parliment to inform them of exactly what circumcision is so that they can make a truly informed vote?
Oh you can believe that I have written everywhere I can. Parliament, online discussion boards, ministry - you name it.

The problem is that there really isn't intactivist movement here so I come out as some weirdo crazy person. Most people here do not even believe that something like circumcision excist. That's why it is so important to get outside help.

Well. I should feel happy about this - at least it went to court. It is a step to right direction.
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