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Hey gals,

I need some thoughts and an outlet. I went to the RE yesterday after many thoughts about postponing my appt. I even took a pregnancy test. (Nausea and more Nausea the last few days) But, it was negative. I went back and counted my cycle days. I am only on cd 24.

I went to the RE expecting a plan for the next cycle and no hope for this cycle. My RE did an ultrasound and the follicles were there, but after a few seconds he thought he saw where I could have ovulated.
I never thought I would ovulate on my own. He is doing lab work today to find out for sure.

If I am not pregnant we are starting the medicated cycle next week when my cycle starts. DH has to do the IUI or a semen analysis. Either way, he is not too pleased. The doctor is pretty firm on making sure all of our odds are good and DH's count wasn't wonderful when we conceived DS.

I am a pure bundle of nerves. Add to it that I lied to the RE. He presumed that I had stopped nursing long ago. Nope, but I did say that we had just recently. I don't know if I can or if I am even willing to wean DS. Are there any studies on fertility medications and breast-feeding?

I will let you go now. I think I feel better now that I have written it down.
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