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Next Generation Ergo is here!

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What do ya'll think? Its certainly a lot more "square-er" than the last version. I'm glad they have new colours too. They also mention that you can wear the Ergo in hip position. Could you do that with the last/older versions?

The one thing that sucks about the new website is that you can't enlarge the photos to get a bigger/better picture of the carrier. I want to know how the hood extention works, and how you can wear the baby in a hip position.
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It is boxier looking for sure. I've got the previous version - I don't know if you can wear it hip sytle. I never tried. :LOL

I also don't know if I like the bigger hood. It gets pretty warm under the current hood in there!

Thanks for the link! I *just* got an Ergo (not the new style) at a B&M store that was having a big sale - so I got a great deal that couldn't compete with waiting for the new one. I *think* :LOL I'm glad I did, too. I'm just not sure I like the fabric on the hood on the new one. The rest of the look I don't think I mind, though. I do like the cranberry and camel colors!
Thankfully I got mine in black, so I can still get accessories for it.
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I like the cranberry and camel colors, but I don't care for the butterflies. My husband loves our previous style Ergo, and I know he wouldn't go for this one.

You could do the hip carry with the early generation Ergos. There were buckles on the shoulder straps that disconnected so that you could do the hip carry. I'm not sure if this is how the newer one works.

I think I will like the original better too. But, maybe we should give the new one a shot? However, smaller hood sounds better because it does get sweaty in there when outside as it is.
So, I want the scoop, what's really better about this one?
I'm a little irked about this personally. Only because I ordered a pacific blue one last week. I feel like I should have had a little notice, because I would have waited a few days for the cranberry. But, whatever. I'm still running to the mailbox every morning to see if it's here yet! I'm so excited about getting it.
I like the zipper pocket-I think that look better.
But what were they thinking what that print interior?? This is so often a dad carrier too and they don't want to wear butterflies! I don't like it at all. I seriously wonder about their research when they changed this?? I think leaving it solid would have been a lot smarter and more appealing to more people!! And not sure if the poplin material will hold up nearly as well over time as the other.
Like the exterior colors though.
Overall I'm glad i got my Patapum instead!!
I am really sad about the butterfly print as well. I sold off DH's bjorn on ebay after showing him the Ergo website and now I think he may protest...
the hood on our (old one) is way too small by like, 3 months (for my tall babies).

Am I the only one brave enough to order a new one? I ordered a new black one on Monday. I'm hoping it will come tomorrow. I've only tried on the old style so I won't be able to do a fair comparison, but I'll post my comments soon anyway. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'll like the butterflies either.

Now I'm nervous!
I was waiting till they stocked up here in Canada. I just ordered the Cranberry one today. I did try out the last version, and found it comfy, but didn't try it out long enough to really appreciate it. I hope the new one doesn't disappoint. I also ordered the front pouch to serve as a "purse".

Dunno how long it'll take to get mine... I'll post a review when I get it. (I wish they didn't do the butterfly thing either, it makes the carrier look "cutsy-fied".
You can now get a new "older" version for cheap....

For those of you not on the SWAP yahoo list.....this is a good deal on close out model Ergos (forwarded below).

Since they just came out with a new version, so many places will be having sales on their old Ergo stock. (And quite frankly, I like my old 3rd generation Ergo just fine and I don't really like the new colors as well!)

Also there are always Ergos here for $71 shipped that have been returns....there is a black one in stock right now:

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US$79 or CDN$85 each! Postage US$5/CDN$6.

I want to clear out my stock of original style Ergos so I can make
room for the New Generation stock.

I have pacific blue, coral and black in stock. First come, first
served. I only have 6 carriers left at this great price! for wearing instructions and more info
on this carrier.

Love and Light,
Cate Wallis
Soul Mother Baby Carriers (you can see pics of the original Ergo here)
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See less See more fill out those reviews for the new one...I am really anxious to hear!
I wish they had better pictures and they don't have any showing the hip carry either. The hood looks weird and the butterflys are fine for me but not most dh. I will stick to the ergo that is right before this one. And I am wanting a toddler patapum so so bad yet missed out on the co-op for it since I went crazy on slings right at the same time so couldn't do both. I look forward to reviews for this especially if you can do a hip carry with it.

Kim Ann
I got my new Ergo on Friday and had plenty of reasons to wear it this weekend. My dd was in the Ergo most of the weekend. She loves it, falls asleep in it easily and seems pretty happy.

The interior print is all bugs- butterflies, dragonflies, and some other small insects. The yellow color isn't lovely, IMHO, but all in all it isn't too feminine. You can roll up the hood a bit and tie it down with little tightening straps. But it still shows. I bet you could fold the hood into the Ergo before you put the baby in and it wouldn't show at all, but then you risk not being able to put the hood up in the event of a sleepy baby. My dd falls asleep quickly in the Mai Tai, but gets a floppy head fast so I'm really happy about this feature. The new straps have lots of snaps on them instead of velcro which is great for babies that wake at the sound of velcro.

I find it comfortable, but it does seem that it was made for a body with wider shoulders than mine. I wear it with all the straps tightened pretty much all the way in. I'm 5'4", 130 lbs, and dd is 1 year old and a little small.

All in all I like it a lot and got compliments on it already. DH was wearing dd in Trader Joes and a man came up to him and said he thought it was really great and that we should take plenty of pictures!
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I just wanted to add that I saw an infant insert (I believe it was) in the butterfly fabric, and was happy to see that it does have all sorts of bugs. I love dragonflies and was happy to see them on it.
So, like the PP said, it is more GN than I first thought it was.
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I just checked out the Ergo website (looking for help with making it fit better) and saw these new carriers...I agree that I haven't found the hood to be at all useful on the old version, but that print fabric really seems like an odd choice. Too bad they don't make one that zips on and swaps out with other fabrics!

I had just bought my last-generation one about a week ago, an honestly ds & I are not feeling the Ergo love. Can any of you seasoned Ergo wearers give some advice?

1) Where is the waistband supposed to go? Around your waist, or lower on your hips? It's way too big for my waist, but around my hips I worry that I'm carrying ds too low and it will hurt my back.

2) Since ds is small (12lbs), I am currently trying to keep his legs 'froggy style' rather than splayed, as he seems more comfortable this way...but now his toes get between the waistband and my waist. Any suggestions?

3) I find the 'chest strap' (although for us it is a back strap, since ds is currently only in a front-carry) rather useless as I need it low down to give any support, but if it's down there I can't reach it to buckle it. Sigh. Also, it seems to move around on its own, yet not be easy for me to move around to help adjust when I'm in the carrier.

All in all, I'm seriously considering returning it. The reason I got it is because I have bad neck/nerve injuries and am having trouble finding a carrier that a) won't hurt me, b) ds likes and can *fall asleep in*, and c) that I can remove with ds still asleep and lay him down for a nap.

Any suggestions, oh wise mamas? Thanks so much in advance!
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Yeah, I really wish they showed pics of the hip carry. Can the pp who mentioned that the older style can also be worn on the hip give an explanation of how? I have the most recent model before the update. Tia
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