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Next step in potty training?

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Ds will be 2 in 4 weeks. Because we are expecting a new baby in 4 months, I wanted to see if he would start potty training. So far, he doesn't ask for his diaper to be changed, and even if he is wearing a cloth training pant, if he pees the wetness doesn't bother him at all. But he does pee in the potty. I put him on it every night before changing him into his pj's. He pees in it about half the time, the other times he says he needs help, so I'm guessing his bladder is already empty. He likes to sit on the potty and stand up and look in it to see if there's anything in it repeatedly. My question is, what is the next step? I fear that if I don't do anything to help potty train him, he will be in diapers until he's 3 (not that that's terrible, but I'd like to have him out of diapers so we don't have 2 in the diapers) because I've heard that you can't potty train when there's been a big change (ie a new baby). One day I tried to put him on the potty every hour, but he protested the interruption repeatedly, so I gave up after a few hours.
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Dd was potty trained by the time she was 2, and from the time she could walk we had a little potty seat that she would sit on from time to time. So it was a very gradual progression - basically the same as what you said you've been doing. For us, the next step was just no diaper. And actually, we were living overseas where all the little ones her age would wear "split pants", basically pants with big holes in the crotch, so we put those on her, and they pretty much helped remind her that she needed to find the potty when she needed to go. I'm not suggesting that you cut holes in your son's pants
but if possible you could let him go bare on bottom and just see what happens. It makes using the potty less of an interruption, but you will have to expect a few messes. That's what worked for us.
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My friend just told me the other day her mom trained her and her brother following a method in a book called 'potty trained in a day'. They tell you to devote a day to letting your child run bottomless in preferably a tiled-floor area, with the potty in the room. You give them unlimited access to beverages. If they start to go somewhere else, you help them get to the potty. Apparently the person used this first with kids with disabilities and it took them about a week, then she tried it with typically developing children, and most of them got the idea in a day--the point is, with the drinking, they'll have to go *a lot* and they will quickly get the connection between the feeling and using the potty.

I personally would try it and back off if your kid really objects to it.

My friend's son was PT by 2--he went bottomless A LOT. STILL likes to be nakey a year and a half later.
My eldest son was 23 months old when my youngest was born... and I wish we had tried harder to train him then. He was ready, but I had read that you shouldn't train when a new child was expected.... etc. So I didn't really do it. Sigh.

When we tried to train a few months after his brother was born, he was no longer at a good potty training point... totally reisistant. BUT... he did become ready at about 29 months again... so off I went with "Potty Training in One Day".

It worked! The book was written in the 70s.... and as such, there are some slight modifications that most Moms/Dads make... but it works (and is based on research.)

Anyways... first off... assemble the supplies...

* cloth training pants
* doll and a potty (author recommends using a doll that wets, but many Moms use a favorite doll/stuffed animal and then improvise going potty with a syringe of water)
* potty (I like the Graco Training Rewards one.... cushy seat... big, easy to empty potty, converts to a step stool/potty topper (with handles on the side))
* rewards (this is where I differed from the book... book recommends orange soda, sweets, etc... while we had some of those (no soda though), used other things as well....stickers, grapes, apples, Baked Lays, etc.)

BIG IDEA is... you praise/reward for dry pants... not for using the potty

Give lots of drinks.... and take to potty every 15 minutes at first.

Teach your child to remove pants, training pants, etc. So that you don't have to do it every time.

Keep asking... "Is your underwear dry??" And have the child check... if so.... s/he gets either verbal praise or a treat.

Push fluids!! (More opportunities) For us, not an issue... my son drinks like a fish

Don't ask.... do you want to go first, as most kids will say "no." Just take him/her to the potty.

Anyways, we started at 9 a.m. By 2 p.m., he basically had it down. Stayed dry at night as well. Had a few accidents here and there (mainly not making it to the potty in time... or partial accidents(started to pee, and then went to the potty), but not a whole lot. Easiest thing I ever did.

Book is on Amazon for like $6.00
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Forget to add, one key is having training pants/regular pants that are a little it's easy for your son to take them on/off.

My son got confused by all of the leg openings/waist band of normal underwear... so I bought boxer briefs at Target which were easier for him to get on/off.

We also used regular underwear 99% of the time, and training pants only at night. For those, I really like Snap-Ez pants They have a pocket for an insert which we used at first.... and now, we use the pants without the insert. Really well made.
What if you have only carpet...?
Just get the cleaner ready and have at it?
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Thanks for the replies! I saw the "potty train in a day" method on Dr. Phil a few years back. I am going to give it a try in a week or two. Lucky for me we have NO carpet in the house....all hardwood/laminate/vinyl.
The only thing I'm worried about is long outings. We live out of the city so when we go into the city (At least once a week) it is a long day - 6 or 7 hours. I bought a seat that fits on a toilet so ds can use a big toilet while we are out, but I hope it doesn't cause any set backs. I think I will use disposable pull-ups while we are out as well.

Originally Posted by boatbaby
What if you have only carpet...?
Just get the cleaner ready and have at it?

take them outside if possible

i keep rags and a spray bottle with vinegar water handy...i use it for everything. accidents, all purpose cleaner, etc
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