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nice natural bubble bath?

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I am trying to make bath time fun again for my dd ( has refused to go in the tub for a while now) and am looking for some nice bubble bath. Any suggestions?
Thank you!
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I know that California Baby has some bubble bath. There is one that is free of scent, although their scented ones are made with essential oils I think and other natural stuff. They sell them at Whole Foods for about $8. It is going to be a stocking stuffer for my 2 year old this CHristmas.
One thing to note is that california baby has methyl/propylparaben. It says a very small amount though but I don't like the paraben family of chemicals.

Can read about parabens here:

I love this website:

you can look up the toxicity of the products. Doesn't look like bubble bath rates very low lol out of most products...meaning that bubble baths typically have chemicals not considered ultra safe.

Maybe get your babe some cool new toys that are just for the tub? I know those were pretty fun for me while growing up. Maybe make some bubbles out of soap for your babe to blow just when they are IN the tub?

Anything that is pretty much going to foam up has SLS in it or something else bad. Maybe other people have come across something I'm not aware of. A ton of products are out there so that is definitely possible!
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On the California baby yes they do have parabens but it is much less that 1% ... i think it was like less than half of one percent so I felt ok with that amount. Ideally I dont want any either... but when my son screams for bubbles (daddy had gotten him some MR. BUBBLE! GROSS!!!!
: ) then that is my compromise. We dont do bubble baths everyday and that is so far the best thing that I have found.
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You can feel free to do what you want
. I do not pass judgement on you. I just want to make sure that EVERYONE who asks about bubblebath and that is told about california baby knows about the paraben issue. I do think parents need to be told this. I was really pissed off that no one warned me of it and touted it as 'all natural' and then I read different. That is misleading is all.

To me, there are alot of things that our children will scream for and like in their growing up years and a lot of it won't be healthy. I really feel it is my job as a parent to see what is healthy and what isn't. I also need to take into consideration how thin their skin is and also how easily suceptible they are to chemicals and their effects as their body is growing astronomically during the first 5 or so years.

Take care
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Thank you all for your input - I really will reconsider the bubble bath idea. Thanks again
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I've been using the Seventh Generation natural dish washing liquid as a bubble bath.
Sherra - I totally understand. Everybody is comfortable with different levels so that is cool. I hope I did not offend you
I was just stating what was comfortable for me... and that is a limited exposure to the most minimal concentration of parabens that I could find. I am glad at least there is one that is not ladden with them. But yes I felt cheated with the california baby shampoo and body wash becuase for what you are paying I expected 100% natural - we bought once and honestly I got pretty tired of the scent anyways so we never even considered buying again. Right now we are using Burts Bees baby stuff and that is working great so far. I dont think their soap bar and shampoo bars have any junk.
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Nope, not offended at all! I would rather people use that before johnson and johnson for sure.

I like burt's bees and have the lotion I use on myself but it is kinda strong smelling. But then again, I have always been super sensitive to smells more than the average person.
Yeps... when my DH came home with MR. BUBBLES and bragged because he got the free and clear version - how cute of my DH but it is still ladden with chemicals -I almost had a fit.

And I hear you about the sensitivity to smells... I feel so much better since I am cleaning the healthy way..
Saw some here...

Kind of pricey for me... so I didn't investigate further. We have no bubbles in our bath, but I like the dishsoap idea.
We use this for the kids:

It does have some scent from the essential oils but it isn't really heavy. IMO it is a pretty good value for the size that you get.
bragged because he got the free and clear version

I couldn't help but notice that this bubble bath "seems" to be free of bad chemicals:

Jason Satin Shower Body Wash And Bubbling Bath

I found a fairly cheap place to get these items:

They are starting to carry more and more natural items.
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I just squirt some Dr. Bronners into the tub as it's filling. I use the baby mild for the girls. It makes suds just fine, also has a little slipperiness to it that helps out when I go to actually wash them. No sudsing agents there unless Dr. Bronners is not telling the truth (and since they print their entire belief system on each and every bottle I don't think that's possible
). Granted it's not as bubbly as commercial bubble baths but the bubbles hold up and the girls don't notice there are slightly less bubbles.
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