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Nice Ped needed in Sonoma County

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I'm in search of a new pediatrician! I am just not comfortable with the one we have now, and want a new one for all my children, esp with the impending arrival of #4. I am looking for one that will be fine with my choice of not vaxing and not circing. My current one I am just not comfortable with him or his staff anymore. I would prefer Santa Rosa or near by, simply because it can be hard getting around with 4 kiddos
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!
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Kathleen Whisman is
She's out in Sebastopol, so depending on where you are in SR that may be a bit of a pain. However, she gets great reviews from all of the clients I refer out there and we are planning to go there for our own "impending arrival"
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Actually, I'm right around the corner from 12 and stony point, so not too far from Sebastopol... Thank you!
i'm kind of late chiming in on this post...but we take my dd to see Dr Goldberg at Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa. He is a Naturopath and is wonderful! They also have MDs on staff if you need one. I really like taking her there since we dont vax. The MDs are for vax-but do not push or do not pressure or condemn you for chosing not to.

Here is their link

We absolutely love them!

Nice to see some other Sonoma County mamas!

Kelly-I grew up on the corner of Stony Point and Graventstein HWY.
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