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nice people at hotel

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I went to a conference today. When I got there I asked one of the coordinators for advice about where I could pump. They told me to use the room they were using for prep. When I went there in between sessions, it was in use--for a session!

So I went to the hotel front desk and asked if I could use an unused coatroom "to pump milk for my baby." The nice person at the desk said, "No, just use our break room. Come right back here behind the desk." I said "Okay, I'll only be 15 minutes" and she said, "Take your time."

It was cool that the folks at the hotel were so accomodating and that they gave up their private space to me, to support me pumping.

I could have gone out to my car, but I was afraid I'd miss even more of the conference than I already did!

(By the way, I looked excellently cute in my black nursing dress and the jacket from my interview suit. Nursing clothes can make you look pretty good!"
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That is VERY cool. I'm glad it worked out so well. I think you should tell us the name of the hotel. Particularly if it is a chain. And I think we should write them letters or emails thanking them the same way we would all get worked up and hound them if they had been particularly crappy to you.
It was a Best Western.
I'm so glad to hear it! It's always great to hear stories of helpful people when this society is so proformula.
What state?
I just sent this email to them

A dear friend of mine told me yesterday that she had been at a conference at one of your hotels. She was somewhat nervous before deciding to attend because she has a new baby and is breastfeeding and pumping exclusively. She worried about finding a place to pump during the day.

She could not say enough about how helpful and accomodating your staff was when she asked at the desk for assistance. The conference co-ordinator had directed her to a room that was in use. When she inquired at the desk if there was a coatroom or something she could use the clerk insisted she make herself comfortable in their breakroom and made sure she was not disturbed.

This kind of dedication to genuine customer service is becoming so rare that I wanted to commend you for it. Next time I travel I will be on the lookout for Best Westerns.
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