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It's so lovely when nice things come along.<br><br>
I've asked friends to start working on the temporary-custody affidavits, expecting they'd really just want to write about me. But it seems stbx has been just plain strange around them, too, saying bizarre things without seeming to recognize that they were strange, so they're asking if it's OK that they mention it. Um, yes? I'd had no idea. I'm still having to revise my idea that he comes across as A-OK to most people. Maybe I was overly impressed by the buttondown & khakis?<br><br>
And I just noticed a major factor against our having shared custody anytime soon, though I don't want to give details here.<br><br>
Other nice:<br><br>
The daffodils came up.<br><br>
The girdled apple tree doesn't seem to know it's dying, and it's leafing out and blooming. Apparently there are ways of trying to save a girdled tree, so we'll see.<br><br>
The handy guy came even though I wasn't home, and fixed all the outside stuff, including getting all the lint out of the laundry vent.<br><br>
I got a contract to do a whole book, and am realizing I can support dd here even if her dad flakes entirely. And I can relax a little for a couple of months, without having to go knock on editorial doors & saying Hey I'm looking for work, got any work for me to do?<br><br>
I was inadvertantly brilliant in my philosophy class. This hardly ever happens. The guy's world-class and most of the stuff is over my head.<br><br>
The child wants to help clean the house, and has told her dad that he has to do whatever the Flylady says. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">
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