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Nice to meet you!

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My name is Tanya (obviously lol). I am 24, just got married June 20th. I have a 7YO son from a previous relationship (a relatively simple but not natural at all hospital birth) and my husband has a 10YO daughter from a previous relationship. I have an appt at a birth center on Monday to have my IUD removed and have a pre-conception check up. We plan to actively start TTC in Nov-Dec. I think I will get some prenatal care at the BC and then tell them I just didn't make it in time. I'm not sure I can even deal with them, or that I want to, for my whole pregnancy as they are more interventive than I think midwives should be and I have heard of them risking a number of people out and telling a woman she would DIE if she had a UC
: I will have to drive an hour to see them but my only other options would be to see an OB (I definately don't want that stress!) or pay out-of-pocket for a HB midwife. I figure if I can at least see them a few times, that will help me get a birth certificate.

I am a doula, just getting started. I have had 2 clients and not been able to see either of their births
(One was a HB transfer after "natural induction" that ended in a c/s
and the other was a BC transfer and baby was born while I was trying to find the hospital! I am going to training this weekend through Birth Arts International.

I have been researching homebirth/UC for a few years now and can't wait for the chance to do this right! I'm sooooo excited I can't even tell you! lol
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Congrats and welcome! Have you checked out the TTC section of the forum? It's pretty awesome.

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Welcome! I hope to be reading your babe's birth story soon!
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Welcome to the club!
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