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night BF in bed = shoulder pain

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I am waking up in the morning with shoulder pain and cramped hands that are becoming more and more painful. Wee one sleeps next to me in our family bed. She is usually tucked under my armpit and nurses frequently throughout the night. This means I end up sleeping on my side, arm stretched out with my head on my shoulder or on a pillow on my shoulder. I switch sides maybe twice a night to feed on alternate sides, but I still end up with incredible pain in the am. My hands are stiff and I can't even snap a shirt or hold a toothbrush when I wake up. I've never had any pain like this when sleeping, and I'm worried that I may be doing permanent damage. I use lots of pillows but still can't seem to get the pressure off my shoulder. Anyone else dealing with this? Any advice?
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I went through some real shoulder and arm pain with my first and for me I can say it was due to the combination of stress, the physical strain of nursing constantly and holding baby, and then not being limber enough so that my body could deal with the nighttime postition . by the time bedtime came i was a ball of knots. not good for sleeping

In your situation and with having such stiffness to that degree you might want to consider proffesional massage and/or chirospractic or maybe even some yoga. are you taking time to stretch and move a bit during those long days of nursing???
mamas need love too

take care!
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love your user name

I have the same problem and am now starting the day with a hot tub since my joints--particularly my fingers and elbows--are so stiff and achy. Massage, hot baths, bodywork of some kind is important while you're putting out so much energy with nursing. All the carrying and lifting can also take their toll if you don't attend to the body. Also I try and consciously relax my hands and jaw when I remember, try to let them be open and soft. It's just a reminder for me to relax a bit. Anyway keep up the great nursing work. Your babe is getting such tremendous benefits from it. Svaha.
I found yoga, massage and chiropractic to be very helpful. And a quick solution at home--either to lie on or put in between back and wall--a tennis ball. Roll around on it & it will break up the stiffness, increase circulation to that area.
Oh, I know exactly how you feel.

Some things that have helped:

A softer bed.

A pillow behind me allowing me to roll back a bit to take pressure off my shoulder.

A pillow under my head at exactly the right height. I ended up with a smaller pillow so none of my shoulder ends up on it.

Handing baby off to Daddy for part of the night.

A massage.

Good luck! I hope things start improving soon!
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