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Night Diaper Tips

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I've recently begun to sew fitted diapers for my little boy and I want to make a night diaper (we're using a sposie at night right now
) What are some tips for doing this (materials, style, etc.) I plan on using a disana soaker for a cover. He's a side or tummy sleeper if that makes a difference and he's also quite a heavy wetter. I'm hoping to make something that can go 12 hours. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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I just made a pocket diaper for nighttime and use prefolds as inserts. I know a lot of mamas like to make fitteds with snap-in liners for nighttime. Hopefully someone more experienced will give you more information!
My dd is a very heavy wetter, she sleeps on her back or side. I usually use fitteds either VB, FCB (with a heavy wetter soaker, and one preemie soaker) or Firefly sleeptights all toped w/wool soakers. She sleeps about 10 hours and we never have a leak! I I put her to bed really early I usually add a microfiber towel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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