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I wanted to expand a little on what the previous poster replied. I apologize for being so late on replying to you as I did see your post a day or so ago but have been extremely busy with classes this sememster(full-time student).
My daughter has been having nightterrors since 6 months old. I have researched pretty extensively on them. They are hereditary(i started at 6months and went until 15 years old) and MOST children do outgrow them or they lessen substantially by the time they are about 4 or 5 years old, though some people are afflicted their entire lives. They do not stem from anything in daily life, it's unknown what causes them though it has been shown that they are exascerbated by stressful situations or developmental milestones. They occur in, I believe, the 4th level of sleep. This is your light sleep, before you REALLY hit your dreaming sleep. Typically for my daughter it is 1hour 15minutes or 1hour 30minutes after she falls asleep. It's like clockwork, you can set your watch to it. She used to have them a few times a week and is now down to once a month or so thankfully. Potty learning, though it was her choice, perked them up again for a month or so and she was having one every night for 6 weeks. Typically she will all of a sudden sit up, open her eyes, and start screaming like someone is killing her. She is hysterical and unable to calm down. She is still asleep but if you try to comfort her, she will kick, bite, slap, etc. She doesn't want to be held but I can't sit by hearing my daughter scream and not do anything, though I know that she doesn't know I'm there. She will have her eyes open but they don't focus on anything and she seems to be lookign right through me. It usually lasts about 20minutes for my daughter, though I've read it can last from 2 or 3 minutes up to an hour. (i pity those parents!!) Nothing I've changed in her diet or her lifestyle helps. She doesn't remember it in the morning nor does it seem to affect her sleep. They do cluster so when she has one, I expect at least one more within the week. she has gone for 6 months without oen and all of a sudden she has them for a week straight. It's just emotionally draining watching your baby struggle and scream like she is in excruciating pain and not being able to help her. It seems to exhaust her and she sleeps through the night each tiem she has a terror.
From your post, I would conclude that it was NOT a terror and just a nightmare. The timign doesn't seem right to me unless she went to bed around midnight or so. I'm sure you could discuss this with your pediatrician, though I doubt he/she would give you anymore information that I've given. I asked mine about it when Madyson was about 6 months(after she had her first one) and she had no advice for me. She said she didn't know about them since her children had never had one. That seemed odd to me but I dn't hold much faith in my pedi anyway. I wish you the best of luck. If you would like more information or want to chat about it, feel free to email me at:
[email protected]

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