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night terrors?

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my 5 1/5 month old daughter seems to be having night terrors(that is from what i have read). these episodes have been occurring for 2 weeks. she screams and kicks, and hits for about 15-30min in her sleep and sometimes they occur more than once thru the night. it is becoming difficult on me because from what i read the advice is to let her be . my internal instinct just does not like this and i get stressed out and sleep deprived. Has anyone had experience with this?
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My ds had night terrors, but he was much older--around 20 months-2.5. They weren't frequent (maybe once a month) and we didn't do anything but sit w/ him until they were over (5-10 minutes). I've never heard of them in a baby so young.

A friend whose dd (about 2 at the time) had them every night took her child to a sleep specialist. He told her to wake the child as soon as she was soundly asleep, then let her fall asleep again. I can't remember what the explanation for this was (something about faulty sleep cycles), and most people would go
at the thought of waking a sleeping baby, but my friend said that it worked.

This was years ago and I've lost touch w/ that friend so I'm afraid I don't have any more info. Any way, good luck. Watching a night terror is freaky even when you know what is happening.
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