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My DS is just one week older than Eli (5/9/03) and sounds EXACTLY like Eli. He takes 2 naps each day (less than an hour each). Sometimes, if I nurse/rock him right when he gets up, he will nap another 30-45 minutes on me.

And getting him down at night has become exhausting. We go upstairs around 7:30 and he's usually not asleep until 8:30-ish. I don't think he needs more sleep though -- because he does not seem tired in the morning.

What I do: Lower the darkening shade, put on the white noise and rock him in the chair. He seems like he will fall asleep, but then starts to squirm and whine, and tries to climb away. Then, we play quietly on the floor for a little while and then, with a little coaxing, he usually wants to lay down with me on "our mattress" on the floor. This is where he begins his gymnastics routine -- rolling, climbing, etc -- all while latched on. It's actually pretty impressive that he can do it without letting go of the nipple.

Eventually he gets frustrated because he can't get himself to sleep. I have started picking him up at this point, and bouncing/rocking/dancing him in my arms (sometimes pretty hard/fast). This has been working. It's exhausting for me, but it's been working fairly well. It doesn't work if I do this at the beginning of the process, but it tends to work if I wait until HE is frustrated (which is usually much after *I* get frustrated).

Don't know if it'll work for you, but may be worth a shot. It's still a long process for me, but it has been getting a little better lately. Andrew also just cut a couple of teeth so hopefully it will improve now.

Side note: Like you, getting him to sleep for naps is much easier.

Good luck.
You're not alone.

-Erynn and Andrew (5/9/03)
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