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Until about a month ago, all would be calm when I nursed ds to sleep. He lay in my arms and nursed until he fell asleep and that was it. Now when we lay down on the bed, he kicks and turns on his stomach and crawls on my stomach and twists and pinches all while still nursing. It takes him 30-60 minutes to calm down and finally go to sleep. He doesn't do this at nap time. Then, we just lay down together, he nurses and falls asleep. The problem is that he isn't getting enough sleep at night. (Not to mention that this is annoying and my nipples are usually sore afterwards.) He often isn't asleep until 9 (and always wakes up at 5:30). He is only 13 months, so I think he needs MUCH more sleep than that. He usually takes 2 naps each day, each for an hour.

Here is what I've tried. Calming time before we get in bed. Black out shades. Popping him off and just holding him (this leads to intense screaming and flailing). Rocking him. Bouncing him. Singing. Belly rubbing. Going to bed only once he is exhausted (but this defeats him getting a good night sleep).

Any suggestions?
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