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night time cloth diaper advice?

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I would love some suggestions. My eight month old is 100% cloth diapered. During the day, she wears a regular Chinese DSQ prefold and any one of an assortment of covers.

At night we have had her premium Chinese DSQ prefolds with a Fuzzi Bunz cover, so that her skin stays comfy even when she wets a lot (these are too expensive for daytime use for us). Until about 2 weeks ago, the night time diapering has been wonderful. Now, all of a sudden, she is leaking and waking wet through her clothes, although the diaper itself isn't always completely soaked.

I don't think the Fuzzi Bunz is too small yet, although I don't have the next size yet to try, since I need to buy those used.

Any suggestions on how I can diaper her to keep her comfy all night and to keep her dry?

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you may look for an aristocat on the TP or Ebay and double up your CPFs. That might keep her dry and use what you have. Our night time routine changes every night but here lately we have had real great luck with VB AIO's.
Try drying your FB on HOT for 10 min or so, this will help seal any holes.

Also what detergent are you using??

If it includes ANY softeners at all it will make diapers not absorbent enough. And any "natural" detergents except for Allens or Sensiclean will make the fleece on the FB roll off, instead of, absorb thru to the diaper inside.

Can you try getting a few Microfiber Towels, you can find them locally now, but be sure to prewash the colored ones a few times alone or they will dye other things in the wash.

2 microfiber towels are the same absorbency as 2 prefolds, and WAAAAAY thinner too.

Also is baby at a growing spurt age???

Many babies get to an age where they will suddenly output a lot more in diapers, especially at night.

I used an Alexis Featherlite pull-on cover over any diaper I thought needed a little help at night. Those covers NEVER leak!!
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I second the reccomendation to try wool over top of the prefold.

The only thing that works for my guy at night is a beefy hemp fitted and wool shorts. I haven't tried them yet, but you can get a hemp fitted, seconds quality, at for $10, or hemp prefolds are cheaper than that, if you think absorbancy is the issue.
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I agree that wool works wonderfully especially at night! My favorite is a Happy Hempy (which can also be stuffed with a prefold...I use a HH Stuffin) under a Bumpy Wool Cover. Works great! Happy Hempys are a pocket fitted--no PUL outer.
Aly is a VERY heavy wetter at night and this is what works for us.

A wool soaker, I have an Aristocrat and a Babyology with either

1. A Baby Greens Growing Green Hemp Fitted (4 layers hemp fleece ) and a Baby Soft Wrap Super Soaker as a Doubler (8 layers hemp fleece topped with micro fleece)


2. A Little Beatle Fitted with the Beatle Booster (6? layers hemp fleece) with a Baby Soft Wrap Quick Dry Soaker as a Doubler (4 layers hemp fleece topped with micro fleece)

So I guess I'd recommend 10-12 layers of hemp fleece covered with a wool soaker. It is a pretty bulky diaper but it has never leaked
so I think its worth it.

I hope you find something that works for you!!
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