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night training

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I placed this post in the childhood years forum with no replies- any tips would be so appreciated.

My 3 1/2 yr old is still in terry nappies at night. When she goes to bed she says to me how she is a big girl now and doesn't need nappies any more, in fact she is getting more adamant that she doesn't want to wear her nappy- but won't she just wet the bed? as at the moment I still put a nappy on and in the morning it is wet. How does night training occur?- do you encourage?

I don't want to be waking her up to use the toilet before I go to bed, as she needs to recognise when to go, and she is a light sleeper and I worry she will find it hard to get back to sleep. Though she is often awake around 4 am just recently, which may be due to her wet nappy.

So how do you do it? Do I put trainer pants on her, or normal pants and encourage her to use the toilet? What age do they generally do this? TIA xx
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I just recently spoke w/ our pediatrican about this. Her answer was not to wake DS during the nite. We had to wait till his body was ready. And when it was, he would start to wake up dry. She also said it has alot to do w/ heridity. So if my DH or I was a late wetter, then DS would be too.

However DS just started this week waking up dry!!!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!! Sorry, I am just sooooo happy about this! Anyhow you just have to be paitience and let their bodys work it out. Maybe with your little girl try letting her sleep a few nites in regular undies, with maybe a towel under her? That way if she wets you don't have the eniter bed to wash...
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