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My DD2 used to start the night in her room and come to bed with me and DH at some point between 12-2am. When I was ready to night wean I sent DH into her room to sleep with her at night. She has a queen bed in her room. The first few nights she woke and asked for me and protested briefly. Since then she's done fine. When she wakes DH just pats or shushes her back to sleep. It was only the first few nights he had to do the hard work, walking her around, etc. to get her back to sleep. Even then it didn't last more than 15-20 minutes.

It went much more smoothly than I thought it would. She transitioned easily. I was having a hard time functioning on the interrupted sleep after 18 months of it. She's a restless sleeper and I can't sleep through her tossing and turning. I had migraines all the time, felt too out of it to drive, etc. This has been a good thing, though she's nursing more during the day!

Now our problem is getting DH back into our room with me.
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