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We're night weaning right now.

Our little guy is 17 months and, well, it's time. We'll continue to nurse during the day but are really making an effort to change his night nursing habits.

This is our strategy: my DH is taking over at night while I sleep in another room. Tonight is night #3 and so far, so good. My little guy wakes up, cries a bit while DH soothes him back to sleep. He's offered him water but the baby has refused it so far.

He's waking less and sleeping more and nursing at about 6-7 in the morning when I (and he) get up.

We talked about it before we started and the little guy seemed to understand (his lower lip got big and he looked sad)...sigh.

Dh is great about this though he misses me...sigh.

We hope to all be back togther (and sleeping!) in the same bed by next week sometime.

We'll see.

good luck.

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