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night weaning, supply, busy toddler has hard time slowing down to nurse daytime

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Here is my challenge.
DH is feeling very put out right now. He is patient with my cruchy ways, but not commited. He is sleeping in another room due to ds 10 mo, being up frequently in the night. Hubby and I run on different schedules and he feels very isolated. cranky husband is affecting everyones happiness.

I am considering night weaning BUT I lost my milk - really- with my dd at 6 mo. We think it might have been thyroid related, but not sure. Either way, I am concerned about supply. My ds has been so easily distractable since 3 mo that I can't nurse outside my bedroom. He has also never been a demanding day time nurser. Will go forever without turning to the breast. I have to offer and remind. Now he is so busy that he spends an entire nursing session crawling over me, flipping around, kicking, wiggling. So I guess what I am wondering, does night weaning ever increase daytime interest and concentration. How has night weaning affected supply.

Thanks for your input
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Sounds like your ds is doing something called reverse cycling. He is too busy and distractable during the day to nurse, and I bet even if you try to go inot a dark quiet room during the day, he will not nurse for long?

This is extremely common! Tell your dh it is common and normal and it will pass, when baby gets more mature.

Some toddlers, at around 12 mos, will learn how to be able to nurse during the day and still be able to follow the action. it is a brain development thing. Plus wen they start walking, and falling down and getting hurt a lot, comfort nursing increases.

they also eventualy learn to be less acrobatic when they nurse.

If dh is cranky b/c he misses you at night, well, join the club! How about an afternoon quicky on the weekend during naptime?

We even started renting a hotel room for 1 12/ hours, when we finally started getting babysitters!
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