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My 3.5 year old daughter has been waking at night and coming out of her room to my room and crying saying that the ants are eating her butt, or the frog is eating her armpit, or the fans are trying to eat her. etc. She's really scared.

So I take her back to sleep, reassure her that she is safe, etc. Sometimes this works, other times she'll come back to my room and complain that the ants are back or the froggie is back. What do I say to reassure her? This happens probably 4 times a week.

Now, I just had a baby a month ago and I think it might be related. She started having these nightmares after the baby came home from the hospital.

How do you guys comfort your little ones when they have a nightmare? And when the nightmare is recurring (i.e. the ants and the frog) how do you dispel the fear once and for all? Or, in other words, how do I convince her that the frogs and ants aren't really there?
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