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Just looking for some ideas for new meals/snacks. Make most of their food from scratch. I know my dairy free son would like some quesadillas - any ideas?
Just fallen into a food rut and looking for some allergy sensitive suggestions.

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Quesadillas are great without cheese! And for sauce what about a squash/pumpkin sweet potato sauce? I try to do wihtout tomatoes sometimes actually, because I would rather DD not have them all the time, and I SWEAR my dad reacts to them though he doesn't wnat to think about it, and I cook for them alot

For the pumpkin sauce, (I don't use exact recipes so this is approximating) you can do this two ways: You can use one can of pumpkin, or you can use a winter squash and a sweet potato roasted. I rost HUGE batches of root veggies and use them for sauce. Here's what I do: 1 butternut squash, a couple sweet potatoes, lots of carrots, and if I have turnips/parsnips use those too. I used to cube everything but that is SO much more work! So preheat the oven to 400, cut your squash in half, drizzle olive oil in a pan and lay it cut down, then rub the sweet potato skins with olive oil put in same baking dish. On another pan put a ton of carrots with olive oil/salt and pepper (like a couple pounds at least). the carrots will finish first, and after the squash is done, just scoop it all out, and peel the sweet potatoes. I also roast a head of garlic at the same time often. Just pulse everything in a food processor together, with a little chicken stock to make it more of a puree and not paste. you can use roasted garlic right in, or just make it plain to use as needed. It has SO much more flavor than just a can of pumpkin.

Another couple ideas is to use this as base for a "non tomato" type sauce. Just take some of your roasted veggie puree, add a little rich homemade chicken broth, and saute some onion, garlic, italitain seasonings satued and then toss it all with pasta.

Here's the actual recipe/method, it's very forgiving: (for an enchilada type sauce)
2 cups or so of your veggie pure or a can of pumpkin or sweet potato (the small one)
1-2 tsp each cumin, coriander, oregano
couple garlic cloves minced
apple cider vinegar - taste after 2 tblsp or so, i just use a couple good glugs may be more like 1/4 cup
olive oil

FIrst use a good tbls or two olive oil and saute onion till soft, then add garlic, and spices and saute 30 seconds untill fragrant. Deglaze the pan with about 1/4 stock or water if you don't have it and simmer a minute to reduce and make sure all the yummy fried onion/spice stuff is together. Off the heat stir in a little apple cider vinegar, then stir in the pumpkin. I use a little sweetner like sucanat or raw sugar, that type whatever you have, maybe a tsp. Taste and add a little more vinegar if needed. If you love it you can make a big batch and freeze.

For the inside my favorite quesadillas for the kids are just to saute up some chicken thighs (boneless skinless) that I have marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. It's kind of my "all purpose" chicken that I keep cooked up for quick lunches like this/salads for me etc. Mix with some of the sauce and whatever veggies you want and/or black beans.

I really try to not do a lot of nightshades. DD has thankfully grown out of her exzema food reactions, but still I think it's best she doesn't have them too much.

This post might be random and unorganized as I was editing while thinking in my head of all the stuff I make with root veggies instead of nightshades
I hope it helps a little!

ETA Whoa this became long winded
But it helped me think of a few things I can make for dinner next week!
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