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Nighttime Dipes- hemp/cotton?

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Hi all! As i wait for my LLL NN's to arrive (oh so patiently!), I have a Crickett's fitted hemp & a Firefly Sleeptight for nights. (that's all that's here so far!). Before I order anything else (i'm already in deep!), is hemp the absolute best option for nights? Crickett's fitted also comes in organic cotton but i wasn't sure if it was absorbant enough for overnights. She soaks COMPLETELY through every last piece of diaper overnight. covers are a wonderful thing

Any input is appreciated!
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I have Liz Hemp fitteds and my son soaks straight on through that with two doublers just like he does his LHC fitteds with two doublers. You're right, it's all about the covers.

I adore the deluxe fleece Stacinators and could not possibly put my DS in cloth at night if it wasn't for those.

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They say that organic cotton is the same absorbency, but I know hemp prefolds absorb more ounce for ounce of fabric than cpfs - my dh works in a lab and we weighed them dry, soaked them, let them drip dry for 15 minutes and weighed them again, and the hemp definitely won. I think the difference is more in how trim they are - hemp is very dense (that's why it tends to get stiff) while cotton is more light and fluffy. Cotton sherpa sure is nice, but it's bulky just the same.
Tana- what a crafty scientific DH you have! he & my DH should meet! Thanks for the good info! We're scratching by with our hemp now, i guess i shouldn't chance it with cotton!
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