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Nighttime PL'ing - when will it begin?

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DS is 3 and a few months old. He's been potty trained during the day since right before his 3rd birthday. I've talked to some moms who's DS was trained at night when they trained during the day and I've talked to others that are going through the same thing we are.
We try to limit liquids before bedtime. DS goes on the potty every night before bed which is around 9pm, but about 5 out of 7 days, he wakes up with a wet pull up and once or twice a week, to the point of waking up with wet sheets.

Is this just a matter of time or do we need to switch to over to underwear altogether?

If your toddler just trained at nighttime, I would love to hear about they went about it. If you have a DS that still wears nighttime underwear, are they pull ups or something else?
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IMO a child will night train when their body is physically mature enough to hold urine all night long. Hereditary can also play a role in bedwetting too fyi. I think using the toilet before going to sleep and limiting fluids can only do so much but is a good idea! Some kids sleep deeply while others seem to wake when they feel the urge to urinate. Lots of time and patience is key! I would put some type of waterproof cover on the mattress
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We did EC so keep that in mind. DS was Potty-trained day time around 18months and I use to use pull-ups at night time w/ a potty next by the bed, when he woke up or stirred to much I would put him on. After doing that for a couple months he was potty trained at night. So from around 21months I put him in regular underwears. The next few months after he had maybe one or two accidents per month. I believe if I didn't help him it would have taken I while as he was one of those toddlers that could sleep soaking wet in his pee from birth.
DS just turned 4 and I'm wondering the same thing. He's grown out of his diapers and doesn't wake up if he's soaking wet.
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