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nighttime potty learning and co-sleeping

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Dd is 4.5 and does fine with potty in the day. At night she uses a pull-up. Sometimes she asks to wear underwear to bed, but we have told her that she must wait until she has a dry pull-up in the morning 5 days in a row. It's been months, and she's never had more than 2 or maybe 3 in a row. I'm not worried about that. What concerns me is that her sleep routine is that she goes to sleep in her own bed, then almost every night she wakes sometime in the night and comes into the big bed w/dh, myself, and dd2. Dh is starting to get afraid that she will get to 5 days, then go to underwear, and wet the bed we are all in. If she wets her own bed, fine, we'll clean her up and take her to the big bed and clean up the little bed in the AM. If she wets the big bed, everyone will have to get up, and there isn't another place we can all go!

How do other co-sleeping families handle this? Should someone get up when she comes to the big bed and take her to potty then? I don't always wake up at that time, but maybe dh does. We do have a crib sidecar, but nobody wants to sleep in it. We have cuddly kids. I've also been thinking about getting some cloth pull-ups, and wonder if she would wake up when she pees in those. Is that good? Would the "shock" help her to learn to wake up when she has to pee?

Any other thoughts? tia
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Does she use the potty right before bed? Ds1 started staying dry when he went right before bed & the minute he woke up. It took a long time though, a few dry nights, then a few wet ones for months. We ended putting a large waterproof pad underneath him for the first few months after he switched to underwear, until he'd been dry every night for a month.
We do the last thing at night/first thing in the AM routine. Oh, gotta go, time to go do it! Back later.
Okay, back. I used to have a crib-sized sheet protector, but may have given it away already. Why would I do that? Maybe not. I suppose if we made her always sleep in the same spot, we could make sure it's covered before we go to bed. That would be less disruptive than making everyone get up to change the sheets. Anyway, she was wet this AM so we're starting the count over again. Thanks.
How about double making the bed. You can do this for hers too. A waterproof layer, sheet, waterproof layer and sheet. Then you can just off the layers that are wet, grab some new blankets and back to bed.
We have this exact problem with our 3 yr. old ds. He has been day trained since 14 months, but not night time! His newest thing is he pulls his penis out the side of his diaper, or up the front, whatever way he can go to get it. his diaper stayed dry, and the bed soaked. We've solved this problem (to the best we can) by putting him in fleece soakers, with fleece pants, and then putting a fleece blanket doubled up underneath us. When he wets the bed we only have to change his pants and change the fleece blanket (we have lots of them.) Sometimes the sheet does get wet, but we just throw the fleece blanket over it until morning. Good luck!
We're having the same deal, but I'm pregnant and always wake up when he comes to our bed so we usually both need to go and pee
The rule has just been that there's no getting in our bed until he goes pee, but I guess it helps that I always wake up for it.
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Oops, I didn't come back for a while!
I think making sure she pees before getting in would probably be a good idea. Sometimes I'm nursing, though, and she doesn't seem to want to go alone at night. Sometimes I don't wake up at all, either. I'm thinking maybe a night light in the bathroom would help. Also I'm leaning more toward encouraging her to stay in her own bed all night. Hm.
With my 4 year old, she goes to the potty right before bed and then we take her again when we go to bed (2-3 hours later). She's usually sound asleep and so we have to carry her there, but then she gets through the night without waking and completely dry if we take her when we go to bed.

I think it's hard on them to be expected to stay in bed all night--even I often can't make it through the night without getting up once to pee (especially if I were in bed for 12 hours!)
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