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nighttime solutions and wool/fitted questions!

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I love our pockets for daytime, but overnight Joshua's been leaking a lot. It's esp bad with the PUL, but even the fleece pockets are giving us trouble. I believe it's compression wicking, cause he sleeps on his tummy and the inserts are drenched in the front but not the back. I've tried both hemp and a prefold on top to aid absorption, but not working.

I'm seriously considering trying fitteds and wool at night. Would this prevent compression wicking more than pockets, or does it happen no matter what? Is a wool fabric cover better, or would a soaker be better? What sort of interior fabrics for the fitteds work best? Are they fleece lined? I am sort of clueless when it comes to fitteds. What would you recommend for a boy stomach sleeper?
thanks so much!
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If you're really getting compression wicking, it wouldn't happen with PUL. I think the problem may be not enough absorbency up front - I usually fold any doublers or inserts in half, and put them in the front, so there isn't all that butt-bulk that isn't being used.
A wool soaker isn't going to be much better than a fleece cover in terms of compression wicking - wool depends on the diaper having enough absorbant material to slow down & disperse the stream of urine in order to work properly, as, I suspect, is also the case with fleece covers.
A thick fitted (like Berry Patch, or FCB) and a handknit wool soaker is the best night time setup for us
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We had the same problem and switched to hemp fitted's and wool cover for night and it worked for us. We've never had a leak since (about 5 months). You dont need to worry for night about the bulk so you can go for a good thick diaper.

I dont like soakers personally, so we have a sugarpeas cover and a couple of Little Lambs that work brilliantly for us.

You cant just go on stuffing pockets fuller and fuller, they start to leak from being overstuffed.
Ds is a tummy sleeper too ... I just make sure I have enough layers for him, but I also wrap him in wool. He's usually in a premium sized Indian prefold with a hemp doubler inside and then wool outside (either his Kiwi Pie oatmeal cashmere or a knit wool bum sweater). Last night I made him a wool liner and put it between his dipe and cover to help and the cover itself wasn't even damp inside.
His ipf and doubler were soaked all the way around though! I would suggest maybe a little more absorbancy upfront and maybe a wool liner between your dipe and cover (even if you aren't using wool for your cover).
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These are really great suggestions - thanks and please keep them coming

I usually put several HH doublers up front already, so I don't know how much more I can stuff him up front!
Jachut - it's nice to see someone from Melbourne! Dh grew up there and I've visited twice.
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You might try a relatively easy thing first, which is a wool liner underneath the stuffing in the pocket. The wool liner will help the stuffing absorb (and I'd also recommend more hemp rather than a PF).

What works really well for me with a heavy wetting tummy sleeping boy is a fitted with a front-snapping substantial soaker, and extra hemp doubler or two, and a wool liner underneath both soaker and doubler. My favorite night time dipe is a Patchwork Pixie, but Benjamuffins also works well, and a Snugglebug too.

We use wool over fitteds at night. Make sure you have enough absorbency under the wool and then compression wicking won't be an issue. We use 9 layers of hemp including a microfleece topped doubler. I'm planning on adding wool liners between the doubler and the diaper or between the diaper and the soaker, but I haven't gotten around to making ones that I like yet. With our current system, the soaker will be a little damp in the morning, but the bed will be dry. Ben is 11 months and usually gets up twice to nurse at night. When he sleeps coverless (which does happen sometimes), he usually isn't wet until I get him up in the morning, at which point he is soaked.
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