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My 29 months old DS is 36 pounds, 36 inches talls and has chunkalicious thighs. I CD most of the time, but have been using 7th Generation disposables at night and when out and about. The largest size (6) is nearly too small and I don't think we are looking at PL any time soon! So now what???

I put him in a toddler prefold with a MOE folded inside and an Aristocrat wool cover for a 2 hour nap and often the sheets are wet. I've tried super stuffing (with hemp even!) HH and FB with major leaks everywhere, it's like he saves his pee for when he sleeps!!

I don't want to use a "mainstream" disposable, they really stink to me and I can't imagine putting that on his bum after all this time with mostly healthy cloth touching his cute little cheeks!

Thoughts? I hate that in order to get anywhere near enough stuffing in a pocket the poor kid can't walk or move cause the dipe is down to his knees!
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