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nightweaning and nightwaking

Help! I started nightweaning my 22 mo ds a couple weeks ago, loosely based on the Jay Gordon method. After a few nights of crying he seems to have resigned himself to no more night nursing, although he's not too happy about it, he is trying to accomodate the change.

The problem is, I was hoping that the nightweaning would result in him learning to settle himself back to sleep without my help (we cosleep & love it). We seem to have developed a pattern in which when he wakes at night, I give him his water cup and binky. I am still an important part of him getting back to sleep. I'm starting to think, if I have to help him back to sleep anyway, why not go back to nursing? He has always been a nurse-ten-times-a-night, sleep-while-latched-on-in-mama's-arms kind of baby, and I REALLY don't want to go back to all that (though I'm glad it happened). Is it reasonable to expect him to start sleeping through the night, or is the water cup routine a few times a night going to be the new pattern? Has anyone else faced this?
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