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Nightweaning Begins (I have to share!)

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I'm a frequent lurker on this board, nursing and co-sleeping w/my 2 yo. For the past week and a half she's been waking at least 5 and sometimes more times per night and seems to not want to sleep without being latched on. I decided last night to try and start night-weaning, though in the past I haven't even been able to last through even one feeding. So we talked about it before bed, I nursed her to sleep and she woke up 30 minutes later. I told her the nu nus were sleeping and we could nurse again when the sun came up. She flipped out, screaming and hitting and shouting no, but I was firm and I told her that the nu nus were sore and they needed to rest etc. After about 10 minutes she calmed enough to let me cuddle and sing her to sleep. I should add this has never happened before! This is where the miracle begins. She woke a few times throughout the night, rolled over and snuggled but didn't ask to nurse. She sat up at 2:30, said she was hungry, ate some cheese and juice, and laid back down, asking to nurse but only giving one little whine when I said no. At 4:30 she woke up and asked more forcefully to nurse so I let her (as I think that this feeding is very often really a hungry one- and I was getting engorged.) We talked about how the sun was coming up (I wish lol). Anyway she had a good long nurse and slept until 8:30!!! I am in heaven, after 2 weeks of sleep deprivation. There may be hope yet! Thanks everyone for this board, and for supporting and understanding. Cheers,

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