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I birthed my beautiful baby boy on Thursday December 23rd at 5:09 pm. He came out quickly via c-birth and made a very loud appearance. I labored for several hours but had the urge to push at 4 cm which I could not stop even with breathing, this caused my cervic to swell quite a bit. I had an epidural around 4 pm to stop the pushing and contractions progressed very quickly, but I wasn't dialating. Niko's heartbeat took a few big drops but didn't recover well. At that time we decided to do the c-section and my epidural was boosted to surgical strength, we went into the same OR his sister was born in and everything went very well. It was very quick and the weirdest sensation but my DH was with me and watched Niko being born. He was very red and perfect. He is already a gymnast decided the OB as he was wrapped up not once, not twice but three times with his cord.... once around the neck, around the waist and around the ankle. That may have contributed to the heartrate decellerations. Recovery is going well, I am having issues with supply which I am working on and haven't been able to do much but nurse Niko and pump to up the volume. I have a great friend who donated breast milk so Niko could suppliment a little bit during the night to help him and me get some sleep.

I'll post a picture once I figure out how!

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