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Nine Months! (And a belly picture)

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I'm so used to talking in "weeks" that it wasn't until I was actually at my 36 week appointment on Thursday that I realized that 36 weeks is NINE MONTHS!

When I was pregnant with my first I remember being practically outraged to find out that all that 'nine months' stuff is kind of bunk, and that a usual pregnancy looked alot closer to 10 months. Happily, I was prepared with this information this time through and am not just crawling out of my skin now that I've hit the Nine Months mark. Okay, so maybe I am crawling out of my skin a little.

There's one Midwife at my practice that I just don't love. She's plenty competent and whatever, but her bedside manner stinks, and naturally, that's who I saw this week. So, she was hemming and hawing about not being able to be sure the beansprout was head down (I am pretty sure she is from the location of her hiccups, but she's definately posterior still...) because of my "Extra Padding". Thanks, just what a swollenly pregnant woman who's been on bedrest for weeks wants to hear, right? Blah. Anyway. I hope she's not the delivering midwife when I go into labor. If I call and she is, I would seriously consider a, ahem, accidental UC.
What a drag, huh?

Anyway. Here's my Nine Month belly picture! Yay! (It does look like I'm going to pop...)
Happy Easter Weekend!
(I didn't even realize, to be honest - my mom called and sent me reeling!)
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I know... isn't it crazy that we're this far along! How did that happen anyway?

Cute belly pic- I like your top!
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I just have to say, that is one of the cutest pregnancy pictures I have ever seen! The expression on your face, your hair (you have it done like my niece's hair when I call her "Bippy"
) the way the sun is shining... AWESOME!

Congrats on the "9 months"! I guess part of the "deal" is that calendar months are usually 4 1/2 weeks long rather than 4 weeks, although lunar months are 4 weeks, so the two types of months get skewed just enough that 10 lunar months is just about the same as 9 calendar months...
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I just realized that it could be possible that I havet his baby in 15 days. That is when I THINK I am actually due. Plus my MW would like to try some natural induction methods a little early since my last big baby had shoulder dystocia.
this one is already looking a little on the big side too
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Ugh! For crying out loud, people say the most thoughtless, inconsiderate things!
: Forget her, you look great!
What a beautiful pic, too cute!
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You are glowing! What a beautiful picture. I can't believe how far we are too. It seems like these 9 months have just flown by.
Great pic and congrats!!!
Beautiful picture! You are definately glowing.
That is a GREAT pic and you are so beautiful!
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