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My family (dh, dd#1 age 6, and dd#2 age 2 1/2, and me) went on a four day vacation to New York. DD1 is weaned. dd2 is not weaned. At home we generally don't nip any more more. She can wait. In NYC, we did a lot of NIP. We NIP at the Natural History Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the subway, and at the top of Empire State Building, to name a few places. Did anyone ever say anything negative about me NIP, breastfeeding or NIP/bfing a 2 1/2 year old? Never! I did get a few looks, and one really great positive reaction. I thought you all would love to hear about positive NIP especially with an older nursling.
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Good for you!! I'm glad your experience was so good!

LoL . . . truthfully, it takes a WHOLE LOT to make New Yorkers bat an eye. Plus, there are so many folks around NY from other lands where nursing is completely natural and normal. I've never had a negative reaction even while nursing on the train.
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