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NIP Pooh stuff FSOT

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NIP soothing sounds Pooh, $17 ppd

NIP 3-piece Pooh feeding set, $6 ppd

NIP Disney V-tech Slide 'n Learn Storybook, $15 ppd

Take the lot for $32 ppd.

All forms of paypal accepted, though I ask that you cover fees if applicable.

Our ISO:

crafty supplies
Funky glass, clay or stone beads
Procion dyes, any color/amount
Latex gloves

kid stuff
Playsilks, any size/color
Rag doll, non-white, mama-made a plus
Your favorite picture book
Gerti ball, any size/color

pampering/medicine chest
Body Shop Mango, Shea or Cocoa Butter Body Butter
Body Shop Bath Oil beads, citrusy or spicy
Mamamade soaps, citrusy or spicy, and/or extra moisturizing
Lush bathmelts (or similar)
Bach's Rescue Remedy spray
Tea tree oil
Alba bath products
Hyland's motion sickness under-the-tongue pills

Burt's Bees Bug Spray/Oil
Thorlo light hiker socks--women's
Bullfrog sunblock
Bungee cords

for the furbabies
Wool cat toys
A new catdancer (with five cats, ours has seen better days)
Soft cat brush

Unusual dried beans specific to your region
Organic dried herbs specific to your region (or just your garden/CSA)
Your favorite vegetarian recipe(s)
Regional (church?) cookbooks
Back issues of Organic Gardening
Local honey
Local maple syrup
Mortar and pestle, medium to large (in stone or marble)

books and media
Louise Erdrich books: Bingo Palace, Last Report..., Beet Queen
Simpsons DVDs, any season
Chicken Run DVD
Babe DVD
Cinderella DVD (the Brandi version)

ttc stuff
OPKs (target brand pref)
HPTs (digital preferred, others gratefully accepted)

stamps--postcard or letter
mama-made notecards
Magic 8 Ball
Bat house
Standard pillowcase sets, floral or solid, natural fibers, EUC or new, please

gift cards
Trader Joe's
ACE Hardware
Salvation Army
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts