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Nipple shield weaning-AGAIN

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Hello, I posted about a month ago about nipple shield weaning. My 6 week old DD is nursing OK and I've had to go back to work so I've been pumping lots. I still have to supplement about 3-8oz per day, and am working on increasing my supply. The other night she sucked ME for about 10 minutes and I haven't been able to get her to do it since. I try it at all times during a feeding-at the beginning, in the middle, toward the end as she's drifting off to sleep. Each time it wakes her up and she starts SCREAMING. We have this horrible tug of war match to try to make her take my nipple, but she just gets madder and madder until I put the shield back on.

My questions are these: Is it just too soon? Will she eventually like nursing at all, because about half the time it's a fight just to get her to keep nursing. Any advice for weaning, or do I just do what I'm doing until it finally works? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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I am going through this right now too. I also have a 6 week old that I am trying to wean. My big problem is that even after 6 weeks my nipples are flat as pancakes. Check this link out, it has some really great information on weaning off of nipple shields.
Just to give some hope... I had tried weaning from the shield since the first week, but it wasn't until my son was 8 weeks old that it finally happened. He started rejecting the shield every once in a while, and now just spits it out if I try to use it (bad nipple pain recently).

I noticed that my nipple now fills up the entire shield when he nurses. It didn't use to do that a few weeks ago. I think over time my nipples drew out more even with the shield, and eventually it was enough for him to latch on.

Good luck!!
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