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Nipple shields and plugged ducts

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Is there really a correlation? I had to use one for a couple of months w/ DD1 and as I think back, it was the only time I ever battled plugged ducts. I'm using one with DD2 (8 weeks old) Over the weekend, I had a pretty nasty plugged duct, complete with fever for about 48 hours. I read on the kellymom site that they are one of the possible causes, but that's the first time I'd heard of that. Has that been anyone else's experience? I'm trying to wean off the nipple shield, but it's going to take a little time, especially at night.
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I had the same problem with my 5th child. A nurse had told me it was a good idea to feed only from the good breast until the other one had opened up. So for six months i feed her from one side and soley pumped at least 4to 6 times a day until it was in full mode. After six month she could breast feed fromboth sides. The only issue i had after that was getting her used to the other breast. That took about a week. Smile and i hope this was helpful for you.
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