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NJ bergen cnty Dr. Ghavami?

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Anyone us Dr. Ghavami in Ridgewood? I'm looking for a AP friendly ped with later hours then the one we have now, and Dr. Ghavami had them. We are on a delayed vaccination schedule as well as leaving out a few all together. I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with him and what you ladies felt about the type of care he provides.
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We use this Dr. I find him to be open and flexible and nice
When I told them I wasn't giving my now 2 1/2 yr old vax's...they were ok with it. Didn't try and convince me or anything. Very nice with the kids and the nurse even entertained my older son at the front while I was in the back with my other children. They are also easy to get an appointment with even last minute.

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thanks so much Ray Ray. Are there other docs in his practice?
I've seen two men and one female and all were nice.

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