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NJ mamas, anyone use SOCH or Bridgeton hospitals?

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At 33 wks, I was essentially fired by my OB tonight, and am back to square 1 with finding an OB and hospital. Has anyone given birth at SOCH or Bridgeton in NJ? I've heard they're much more pro-natural birth than where I've been going. I'm considered high-risk, and a hospital birth w/ an OB is my only option.
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I haven't birthed at Bridgeton, but I've been a doula there. It's not bad, especially as far as some NJ hospitals can go. As with anywhere, a lot depends on which practitioner you choose. Are you very far from Elmer? The Elmer hospital is really nice. It's one of the few in the area - and maybe even the only - that actually condones waterbirth. It's closer to a birth center than any other hospital I know of, and they're open to VBAC, as well.
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