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No allergies or ear infections, but persistant fluid in ears

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Does anyone know why?

My lil' guy is 20m old and slightly delayed in speech. He can hear, but I don't think he can hear clearly.

His tonsils are good, but he has apnea and is a mouth breather, the
ENT and I both believe his adnoids are enlarged.

So his adnoids are probably coming out, but the ENT also wants to put tubes in his ears b/c of the fluid. I'm comfortable w/the adnoids, but not too sold on the ear tubes.

The child has had one ear infection during his life. We did a RAST test and he is allergic to nothing, not even slightly.


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My dd had a string of ear infections during the past winter when she started pre-school at 3 yrs old. We went ahead and had her adnoids out and the tubes put in. I am very thankful that we are not needing antibiotics every other week and are not up all night anymore. The downfall I have seen thus far is that she does not seem to be hearing any better. She asks us to repeat ourselves all the time. We have a follow up next week, so we will see.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that we have a family history of sinus/ear problems. I myself have persistant sinus infections as does my mother along with fluid in her ears. My ENT said I have non-allergic rhionitis (sp?) so anything that someone else my be allergic to can set my sinuses into high gear even if I am not allergic. I think this along with a small inner ear canal may be to blame. I think if they are considering the temporary tubes I myself would try it and see if those don't help until the inner ear develops more and maybe can drain on its own. Which is what I am hoping my DD's will do when her tubes do fall out.

Whatever you decide good luck and thanks for listening to my ramble. LOL
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