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No antibiotics, and she's better!

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I know it happened a while ago but I thought I'd post about it as shock
we didn't use antibiotics on our 9 month old daughter when she contracted an urinary infection.

DD got all sick-like and so unlike herself... she was drooling heaps and it looked like she was starting to teeth - had an explosive poo, ran a temperature, lots of drool, lots of chewing, lots of breastfeeding and not wanting anything cold in her mouth (sensitive).

So yeah.. I breastfed her heaps, took her for lukewarm chamomile baths til the water cooled a bit to help her temperature, (took her out immediately and dried her so she didnt get the shivers) she slept heaps... then we moved to my mums early so I could have airconditioning for DD.

Two days after being at mums (DD had been sick for 3 and half days) Mum said ooh she feels hot and took her temperature. It was 39.1 and I was not worried - fever is good! But I was a bit concerned because I knew a temperature that high wasn't normal for just teething.

I kept feeding her and she slept heaps... took her to the chiro's that day... then the next day she was starting to appear better, she was more mobile and alert.... then later that day she was whining and fussing and being very miserable and she threw up so bad! She was gagging and thowing up and felt hot to touch. I took her to the doctors (mainstream) to see if there was anything wrong with her. They said nothing seemed to be wrong but couldnt rule out an urinary infection. So we took some urine which was a nightmare. THe stupid fucking nurse refused to give me the jar, she didnt beleive me when I said I could get DD to pee in it without contaiminating her stupid jar. She said the only way babies samples were collected was via a bag. Stupid sticky bag that you put over their privates! She was about to do up the nappy and I said uh, no DD will pee and she said no, i'll do up the nappy and I said umm shes my baby, she's going to pee, im not letting you do up the nappy and have it pull on the bag and hurt her privates!!!

She stormed off in a huff and I said pssss to DD and tickled her belly and she finally went as the nurse was about to come back in. It took her so long to go because the bag thing was so alien to her! Bloody nurse.
Doc wanted to give her antibiotics (all-purpose) but we said no, we'd wait for the actual test results because we wanted a specific antibiotic, not a generalised one.

Anyhow, the test came back the next morning with a white cell count over 1000 and positive for e-coli infection. We got a lecture on the phone from the doc saying it was VERY important we give her antibiotics and that it was a very bad infection and that white blood cells shouldnt be over 10 in urine etc etc. We went to the naturopath and were given Transfer Factor X. It is a part of colustrum that boosts your immune system and that small part is the same in all species. The stuff was from COW colustrum and I was going to say no but when I read up on it I found out it had no traces of dairy in it at all and decided that I would rather try this than antibiotics.

Then went to chiro's, talked to her about the infection and they gave us reassurance for not taking antibiotics and looked at the prescription and said it was a generalised one! Grrrr stupid doctor.. anyway we went home and started the transfer factor stuff.
Next day, DD was definitely getting better! This stuff is amazing, I looked it up on the net and it boosts your immune system really well and helps you to fight off sickness.... and its chemical free!

We continued chiropractic - every day for DD up to til we left and the transfer factor until 2 days after we got here.

I am definitely wow'd and I feel so much more secure with alternative medicine now. I thought antibiotics were the only possible option for infections etc especially serious ones but that isn't the case. I just wish I knew about this when pg with DD!!

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I have no faith at all now in conventional medicine. None.. zero nada zilch!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think of them as quacks now lol anyway just thought i'd let you know about my experience with alternative medicine.

It was scary, everyone was making me doubt my decision to not use antibiotic. I let my mum think that what we were giving her was antibiotics til after she got better... i honestly couldnt of dealt with more negativity from anyone - it was a breath of fresh air to talk to the chiro, naturopath and dh about the deceision and even with that i worried!!! its agony when your child is sick and such a relief when they are better!

i still wonder how she could of got it... teething must of lowered her immune system but we're not sure how she could of got an infection as im very careful that she's clean after a poo etc. maybe it was something she chewed on?

Anyhow this is here for those of you who are interested in avoiding antibiotics!
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Great for you Quickening! Usually Drs prescribe antibiotics before trying anything else so it was wonderful that you trust your non-alophaty Drs. I think Alophaty is very good in some cases, but definetly as a last resource. My mom was a naturophat, among other things, homeopath, acupuncturist and others. I didn't take any antibiotics after I was 6 or 7 years old... and here I am

She also healed a lot of babies with out antibiotics, she said: "use them, don't abuse them!!".
I applaud your desition because you do need courage to go against the stream
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Goodpapa, this looks like a great product, did you try it with infants? Mine is only 5 months old.
Another question, when I was young I remember that my granny made the yoghurt at home, using some "animals', lol, called "bulgaros" and she just watered them every day until they made the yoghurt. Have you heard about it?
Quikening ~ I love you! I am so glad there is more andmore poeple like yourself! I absolutely HATE alopathy medicine and to not trust any doctors! I have such a miserable experience from my childhood and up to about 22 years old - I would not wish those anyone! I literally grew up on antibiotics! My body was DESTROYED by them, until I took my life into my hands and learned about alternatives. I was so sick my WHOLE life! I have been fed with antibiotics that when I was 18y.o. they have discovered HUGE infection in my uterus, that has been there for over 4 years! This infection was like a ball that has isolated from my body (I know it sounds wierd) so when they took my blood it did NOT show anything abnormal! They told me pretty much I could have children too............Anyway, I just wanna say that if I would not have taken my life into my hands I would be probably dead by now, and if not deat I would be in hospital or some place like that.
I absolutly LOVE homeopathy - which is by the way AMAZING for urinary infections! and any kind of alternative medicine.
I found interesting that you were taking your baby to chiro - is it special chiropractor for kids or just a regular one? Can you tell me something about that please?
To add a success story of my own - my 4 weeks old baby had pretty bad eye infection and I treated with homeopathics. Never even considered going to a doctor. I would only spend money for getting zero help......I'd rather buy something alternative for that.

I am really glad your DD got better without using any chemiclas!! I am happy for her as well as you!
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I wanted to add one thing - I believe that antibiotics and any drugs in that matter ONLY supress symptoms, they NEVER heal.

We think we get better, but the disease has only been moved to another place in our body and will show up later on as some other illness or the same one.
Like my infection in my uterus - I have been using antibiotics from the moment I was born. I suffered with sinus infections (besides other) and I strongly believe that with every antibiotics they gave me the ilness has been moved into my uterus where it has been growing for so many years! It makes me sick just thinking about it again.
: And of course, then I end up in hospital with my liver, that has been twice its size............but that's another story.
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Chiropractic is great for babies and young children, just as it is great for everyone else.

My chiro treats babies and kids every day. Sometimes nursing difficulites are caused by a baby getting twisted up during birth and her spine getting out of alignment, causing pain when trying to nurse.

Chiro also works on asthma and allergies.
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