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no barbies!!!!

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sillly me, i thought i'd avoid this issue since i have only two boys, but it seems my son is quite fascinated by these little plastic vixens! he loves playing with dolls, which is great, but thanks to a good friend of his down the street, now has two sleazy looking barbies of his own. i really can't stand barbies. reeeeaalllly can't. what's a good alternative doll that's the same idea (sort of life-like, clothes, etc.) but not so scary?
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Groovy Girls? They have clothes for dress up, and other accessories.

I don't know if they're any less commercial, but at least they don't have the weird proportions and oddly shaped feet!
Not a barbie fan either, though I certainly had my share of them in childhood. FWIW, I escaped my barbie years with minimal scars

My dd is only 2 and my 5 yo ds isn't such a doll guy, so we haven't crossed this bridge yet.
However, we have trespassed the "army toy" bridge. Army toys disturb me on many levels, maybe the way barbie bugs you.
In the end we decided to let ds have an army tank from the thrift store, but not before multiple conversations about it.
I voiced my protests gently and as age appropriately as I could (used NVC language, ie: I am bothered by army toys because the army does many things that hurt people and I need your support in keeping everyone in our house safe and secure.) and he responded that he was just curious and wanted a chance to try it out. Well, the toy was fabulous, for about 6 hours. He even slept with it
, but then it lost its charm b/c it really didn't do as much as the blocks, etc. It languished in the back of the closet and eventually was given back to the thrifty store when we moved, ds's choice.
So, if and when dd wants a barbie, I plan to try the same tactic. May work, may not, but at least dd will know that Barbie is not the gold standard in what a woman should look like.

eta: we have a groovy girl that was a gift to ds when he was 2 and now dd plays with it and she is endlessly frustrated with the doll b/c it's shoes are sewn on.
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Originally Posted by mommy65
sillly me, i thought i'd avoid this issue since i have only two boys, but it seems my son is quite fascinated by these little plastic vixens! he loves playing with dolls, which is great, but thanks to a good friend of his down the street, now has two sleazy looking barbies of his own. i really can't stand barbies. reeeeaalllly can't. what's a good alternative doll that's the same idea (sort of life-like, clothes, etc.) but not so scary?
Hubby sais McFarlane SPAWN Angel Action figures.
hehe, reminds me of when I was little. I had ONE Barbie, but no clothes for her, so I made them out of socks. And my friend had a Kelly doll so I had Barbie nurse Kelly, until I found out that was her sister!

Anywho, I had a pretty crunchy barbie, but I never really took her looks into consideration, the boobs with no butt style is SO twenty years ago anyway!

I'd love to see more dolls that weren't all the same body shape though! And I HIGHLY doubt they'll ever come out with no tits Barbie or Morbidly obese Barbie (or even ten pounds overweight Barbie) so I totally see where you're coming from.
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oh lord...I have a son (who liked my little ponies, not barbie) and preg (dont now boy/girl but lord let me escape from barbies either way)

however - better barbie than bratz o_O

Originally Posted by arlecchina

however - better barbie than bratz o_O
yes barbie is the lesser of two evils IMHO....
I think i saw an alternative Barbie at Target, still plastic but normal looking...I'll try to find out what they were called.
ITA, even though I played with Barbie dolls, I don't want them for my daughter. My sister felt the same way and left a few at our Mom's house that were given to her girls. My daughter loves to play with them at Mimi's house and also at her other Aunt's house. I don't make a big deal about it (even though I want to throw them all in the garbage can where they belong). At home, she has Madeleine dolls that are very similar/plastic, moveable, dressable. The body type is more like a young child. She was recently given a Strawberry Shortcake that is dressable, she likes this alot. I have also seen the "Rescue Heroes" at Target/other stores. This might be an alternative for your son.
I asked about doll alternatives awhile ago and Only Hearts Club dolls were mentioned - they still have long hair to style (like Barbies) but come in a variety of skin/hair/hair type combos (curly, darker skinned, lighter skinned, different eye colors) - they're supposed to be 11 year old girls and they don't have the body issues of Barbie (same height, just not the unrealistic bodies although I'm guessing the legs are still quite long
). Clothes, since they are girl dolls instead of grown-up, are also not super-sexy too.

I think the website for them is .... you can find them quickly via google. The "story" behind the dolls is IMO a bit hokey (each one has a profile) but I think it's the sort of thing that a lot of people get into. I think the cost is comparable.

When Ina is old enough for "Barbie" type dolls, we are getting these and we are getting the word OUT to family/friends that they are the dolls/clothes to get if people want to buy Barbie or Bratz type dolls for us, that the Barbies/Brats will go to charity immediately rather than be played with my our kids (yes, I'm a hardliner on this issue - Mom was with us too
- so I think any resistance to this plan will be from the ILs side
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We've had the same problem! DD's play with Barbie's at their friends houses and then want them when they get home. Grrrr.

I second the PP. We have two Only Hearts Club dolls and the girls enjoy them. I like that they have soft (but posable) bodies, different looks to each doll, long hair to play with and a wide variety of non-sexy clothes to choose from. I do not like that they have impossibly long legs and that some of the shirts are short - they just barely reach the top of the pants. The "accessories" are, of course, quite spendy.

They played with them for awhile, and then they got put back. Now they are out again, although DD1's seems to be missing.
The hunt is on!
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Originally Posted by Pandora114
Hubby sais McFarlane SPAWN Angel Action figures.
Sorry, I can't help but snicker that this is supposed to be a 'less scary' alternative to a Barbie doll.
My girls love Groovy Girls, mostly because they're soft enough to sleep with. My eldest is a fan of Bratz, but stopped sleeping with hers when she rolled over in the middle of the night and got jabbed in the cheek by a hard plastic hand.

So, Groovy Girls is it! We love them. No weird anatomical proportions there!
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After being nagged for a long time, I gave in to the barbies. I got my girls each a "beach barbie" which, while are a little more *hardbodied* than I would like have healthy proportions. They have little breasts, thicker waists, and big, wide, flat feet. I feel that I made a fair compromise, and acknowledge that I played with those mutant barbies all my childhood and I have a healthy self-image. I did not get my idea of how a woman should look from barbie dolls, but from healthy encouragement and lots of love from my family.
???"We Three Friends" ar more like adolescent/teenager body than Barbie...still by mattell I think. They come 3 in a pack with diff skin tones/hair and tooo many accessories.
I let dd have barbie type dolls. I feel if she looks at our family she will realize that Barbie is unrealistic...after all my baby son doesn't look like a waldorf doll...maybe like a cabbage patch kid with his fat cheeks and round head lol
My opinion is totally off limits sets up temptation for the "forbidden fruit"
thanks, mamas! as usual i get the best info at MDC. i'm gonna try those only hearts dolls and maybe check out some other of the suggestions. i have been avoiding "forbidding" them in our house too, since it can set up the old power struggle thing, but if there is an alternative i can easily steer him to that since it's mostly just the pretend and clothes on/off that he likes. but theres something almost pornographic (and i'm a pretty happnin' hip mama) about how these barbies look naked in there stilettos. weird.
by the way, the army thing is a problem here too. lately he's received a few army planes and even a squirt gun that looks oddly real. he calls it a squirter and i don't even think he knows what a gun is yet so i haven't taken on that issue. i know this can all be over thought and i had a barbie and i'm o.k., blah, blah, but it's their innocents, kwim? i know i can't keeep the breaks on this forever, but maybe until he's a little older and we can talk about the fact that wearing shoes like that makes most real life girls really cranky!
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I just got DD an only heart's club doll and she loves it. Not to mention, all the other mom's are asking me where I got it, where can they get one. I wouldn't really be bothered if DD wanted barbie's when she's older, but I'll steer her away from them if I can and if she's enjoying the alternative.

I think alot of my roblem with the doll's is how they're used, not really what they look like. If she suddenly wants to dress like the Barbie, we'd have to have a talk, but styling it's hair and playing family, which is what she and her friends seem to be doing--barbie is mom, only heart's club is the daughter--I don't see a problem.
Barbie's were a battle I chose not to fight--We even have a bunch of Bratz laying around. I would never buy either of them for my girls but when they get them as gifts I don't fight it. My 13 year old never really got into dolls that much and she doesn't have a self-image problem. My 7 year old loves her Bratz and Barbie's. Like a pp said I don't see a problem with the dolls b/c she is just playing family with them and not trying to be like them...good luck!
I wonder what happened to the Sunshine Family? They were total hippies and their play sets involved recycling, organic vegetable farming, weaving on a loom, that sort of thing. They were so cute.
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