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No drugs for ADD/ADHD!!!!

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This message was sent by my brother-in-law, who has a 14? year old, and is going through a nasty custody battle so he is stressed. And I am willing to try and help anyone who is willing to try an alternative methods to drugs, and possibly looking at the underlying causes of this diagnosis. If anyone has any links or info to help, please pass it along. Thank you!!

[I won't go into the details, but I am being pushed to have my oldest son classified as an ADD/ADHD cripple-for -life and put on medication. If you can't tell, I am totally against this, and feel like doing so can negatively impact some of his options in the future, not to mention, in my humble opinion, medication is not the route for resolving life's challenges.

I need to rather quickly compile some information/research/medical materials that refute this direction, both in general and in some specific ways. The specific things that I think might be "convincers" with regards to countering this push would be the affect of the ADD/ADHD medications on athletics/athletes. My oldest son wants to at the very least play collegiate basketball and possibly go pro.

I am asking if any of you have any information, or know of anyone who might if you could please get it to me as quickly as possible, I would appreciate it. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be of value to this effort.

And yes, this is a plea. I am basically feel like I am standing alone against the "forces of evil" on this one and I am asking for help.]
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See the book "Ritalin Free Kids"

Essential fatty acids and ADHD

SANTA organization


Supplementation with flax oil and vitamin C improves the outcome of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

(note that cod liver oil is much better utilized in body than flax oil)

Omega-3 fatty acids and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Clinical characteristics and serum essential fatty acid levels in hyperactive children.

Many more at PubMed found by clicking "Related Articles" links.

Also know that omega 3 DHA/EPA effectiveness in the body can be blocked by other dietary fatty acids. Particularly trans fats/hydrogenated fats but also vegetable oils with high omega 6's.

There is no doubt in my mind why we are seeing a rise in ADD/ADHD symptoms in kids on the Standard American Diet and moving away from traditional fats like butter (cholesterol is essential for brain development in kids as well). It also might be why any research on supplementation is not showing very strong positive effects... the diet is the essential key.
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Thanks so much for the feedback. I had no clue where to turn (without spending days on research). I knew this was the best place.
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Keep the basics down
1. Ritalin has killed children (it causes heart issues)
2. ADHD drugs are not usually properly tested on children most drugs are first tested on adults
3. I've been on ritalin for 10 years for narcolepsy, do some research on the drugs on that side of things, you will find the dosages required to keep sleepy people awake are often much lower than they want to give. Switching these meds, stopping them can cause severe suicidal depression a child going off adhd meds must be monitored the concept of 'drug holidays' is so irresponsible its not funny and makes me so angry what people do to kids. This is a drug I have to take and a class of drugs not developed for behavioral issues but as stimulants for other issues like mine, military etc...

The crash from these drugs can be so huge (ask dh about our 10 pm fights its not pretty) but when you crash from stimulants its horrid... if you are lucky you just pass out...but I have gotten absolutely enraged.

and above all ADHD kids are not ritalin deprived, they are not in need of stimulants.... yes the work for some kids but really ritalin would make most people more focused and more productive hence why the army uses 'go pills'.

Also it makes me sick that nonmedical professionals, people who aren't ped. neurologists push these drugs...if your kid doesn't have adhd they can often make them sleepy by giving them a small morning dose then putting them into crash mode as the life of these drugs mine specifically is not long they can be in and out in 3 hours or less.... so the drugs aren't doing the job some of the time the withdrawl of the drugs is subduing the child.....

1. Tell him to take his son to a neurologist, go to the big boys.
Then a ped. cardiologist... (tell him to screen them first to ask what their ideas are on these drugs, if they perscribe drugs for children that have not been tested) He may not be able to fight the dx but he can fight the treatment plan for sure. But it doesn't sound from your description he's out of control? I'd also have him source out behavioral therapy options, drugs only work if they work for that child when they are in the system... they raise the blood pressure giving a finite time they can be taken for and could be dangerous with an athlete on ritalin....

it can stunt his growth:

Children-Loss of appetite, trouble in sleeping, stomach pain, fast heartbeat, and weight loss may be especially likely to occur in children, who are usually more sensitive than adults to the effects of methylphenidate. Some children who used medicines like methylphenidate for a long time grew more slowly than expected. It is not known whether long-term use of methylphenidate causes slowed growth. The doctor should regularly measure the height and weight of children who are taking methylphenidate. Some doctors recommend stopping treatment with methylphenidate during times when the child is not under stress, such as on weekends.
then it goes on to say:

If you take this medicine in large doses and/or for a long time, do not stop taking it without first checking with your doctor . Your doctor may want you to reduce gradually the amount you are taking before you stop completely. This is to help reduce unwanted effects.
lol its all hogwash you have to tell him to compare the drugs information properly with the suggested adhd uses....its crap.
Why should Ritalin not be prescribed?
This drug should not be prescribed for anyone experiencing anxiety, tension, and agitation, since the drug may aggravate these symptoms.

This medication should not be taken by anyone with the eye condition known as glaucoma, anyone who suffers from tics (repeated, involuntary twitches), or someone with a family history of Tourette's syndrome (severe and multiple tics).
This drug is not intended for use in children whose symptoms may be caused by stress or a psychiatric disorder.

Special warnings about Ritalin
There is no information regarding the safety and effectiveness of long-term treatment in children. However, suppression of growth has been seen with the long-term use of stimulants, so your doctor will watch your child carefully while he or she is taking Ritalin.

Blood pressure should be monitored in anyone taking Ritalin, especially those with high blood pressure. Some people have had visual disturbances such as blurred vision while being treated with Ritalin.

The use of Ritalin by anyone with a seizure disorder is not recommended. Be sure your doctor is aware of any problem in this area. Caution is also advisable for anyone with a history of emotional instability or substance abuse, due to the danger of addiction.
=so make sure he's tested first for anything that might rule him out...
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I have a book called The Miracle of Magnesium. It talks about magnesium being beneficial to ADHD and many other common problems. The majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium. I have tried magnesium for my TMJ and related migraines and it does work for that, but not sure how well it will work for ADHD. May be worth a try. Magnesium citrate is supposed to be the most absorbable but is hard to find locally. I order it online. I've been taking magnesium oxide and it works a bit.
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