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I've only been cding for a little more than a month now & the few times I've tried to go overnite, it's been leaks all over the place & middle-of-the-nite changes... yuck! So, I've been using 'sposies at nite.

But I've got a little stash of different stuff, now, so I decided to try cloth again overnite. Here's what I used:
a snugglebottom fitted with a LL hemp doubler topped with a fleece liner
outside of that I put another LL hemp doubler
Cover was a NBC windpro fleece.

Huge diaper butt, but no leaks, wicks or red marks on my dd this morning and the little fleece liner still felt dry, while everything else was soaked! Here's hoping that we can do it again, tonite!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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