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When ds was in the NICU and later when I was going to school and still nursing/pumping, I had the same problem.

Nursing & let down are very psychosomatic (related to mind and body)-and what helped me a GREAT deal was having two pictures of my son-1 was a candid of him BFing, the other was of those little hungry faces. Another huge help was I audiotaped the sound of my son crying (the younger the better, because they have those "Lllaaaah!" hungry cries-and just hearing that (I used head phones and a walkman!) and seeing the picture of him nursing or hungry usually helped a great deal.

Also-like what was mentioned-some gentle breast caressing and/or massage can work wonders.

Try to pump at around the same time each day and make it rhythmic like a baby's sucking. Really imagine that it is your son nursing. Electric pumps may help with the rhythm, but I found that noise VERY distracting.

I've never tried the tea-but I know they sell many varieties in health food stores, usually called something like "Mother's Milk Tea" or something like that. I even saw it in Wauldbaums (a general grocery store) once.

Best of Luck-and keep it up!
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